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Michael Jackson tribute event in Vienna: Cancelled!

Michael Jackson tribute is not going to happen in Vienna

MJ tribute is not going to happen in Vienna and he probably wouldn't care

I pity all those guys who bought tickets, which cost from 63 to 518 euros, to see the Michael Jackson tribute in Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna. After it was announced, big names in music biz started to came up. Madonna, U2, Stevie Wonder. Guess what? It won’t happen anytime soon.

On Tuesday the producer George Kindel and Jermaine Jackson initially presented “some of the artists” (13 so far). Michael’s brother and initiator, Jermaine, felt insulted that the Austrian media dubbed these artists as B-listers. On the other hand, Mr. Kindel claimed that he and his business partner didn’t name any names and it was the Austrian media that invented the famous musicians. Grammy winner Mary J. Blige huge in Vienna? In the US, perhaps. And Chris Brown? Isn’t this guy in trouble now after he has been accused of punching his girlfriend Rihanna a few months ago? Natalie Cole found the whole thing iffy.

In fact, it is indeed iffy. On the first day it was conceptualised, commerce and pure marketing were clearly plastered on this event. It was a vehicle for Michael’s brother and some people to make money. It was not love and respect that drove them to do this. And I wonder why Vienna? “Michael loves castles and his music is majestic” was the reason they gave. And I thought of massice traffic, and thousands of promotion for the city. But does Vienna really need this?

It turns out it is already cancelled. The place might not be anymore in Vienna, but Jermaine determined to push it through in London: “We will hold the concert in the city that he himself chose for his comeback concerts but, due to his tragic death, he was not able to do.”

Vice Mayor Renate Brauner pledged to finance the event 600,000 euros, yes, that’s your and my money. Though today she and her people from the Wiener Tourismus stated that not a single cent flowed into the event.

Are you disappointed that the MJ tribute is not going to transpire in Vienna on Sept. 26?

Donauinselfest 2008

As you might know, Europe’s largest open-air festival, the Danube Island Festival, was moved from its traditional end-of-June spot to September because of Austria’s role as Euro 2008 co-host this year.

I almost forgot about this myself, but the festival is set to take place this weekend already (Fri 5 through Sun 7). Apparently, it’s the festival’s 25th birthday this year, and just like last year, 2.000 artists will be performing, providing festival goers with 600 hours of entertainment, all in all. (The traditional fireworks on Saturday got cancelled, however..)

For some reason, I, myself, haven’t been to Donauinselfest for a few years now, but I intend on going again this year. If you do, too, you will find the programme search on the festival’s official website helpful.

People playing music on public transport

For a long time I thought it was only teenagers who force their environment to listen to whateverkindofmusicitistheylistento on public transport. I’ve meanwhile also come across adults who play (.. different, but equally annoying) loud music on their mobiles on buses and trams. The only difference I have noticed is that some of the latter will put their phones close to (one of) their ears for a “better” listening experience (.. which does not really make any difference for anyone else sitting close to them).


What do YOU do when people play loud music on public transport? – Do you react at all (i.e. ask them to turn the volume down/why they aren’t using headphones/whatever)? Or do you just sit there and wait for the moment you can get off your bus/tram/subway?

Open Air gegen Rassismus || Wagenplatzfest

Today, not one but two social & cultural events worth visiting are taking place in Vienna:

Free Open Air gegen Rassismus
One of the two is the Free Open Air gegen Rassismus, where a number of mostly (though not only) Austrian bands will be performing from 4pm onwards. This annual free open air event protesting racism traditionally takes place at the Rock gegen Rechts stage, which is located close to Rotundenplatz at the Prater. This year, musical styles range from hip hop to indie pop; headlining act is Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar.

Sshhh: our very own DaddyD will be hosting this event together with his FM4 partner in crime DJ Joe-Joe!

More information on & links to the artists who are going to perform (in German)

The other event is a party organised by the inhabitants of Austria’s only trailer park, Wagenburg/Wagenplatz Wien. (Note: those not familiar with the more “European” concept of trailer parks might want to check out this Wikipedia article on the topic!)


The programme starts at 5pm and includes film screenings and band performances, among other things. Food and drinks (of both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic variety) will naturally be available as well. If you’re still being sceptic about the whole trailer park thing, I can assure you that while the party’s organisers (.. or at least some of them) have squatted before, the 4000m2 (!) of land they’re currently residing on is being rented legally!

PS: considering that it’s Walpurgis Night tonight, this party should prove fun!

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