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A Journey to the End of the Night

While I’m feverishly preparing the last bits and bytes for the upcoming PlumberCon conference this weekend at WerkzeugH, I’m just as much looking forward to one of the starting events on 0day (some might call it Friday the 07th), the Journey to the End of the Night!

Out of their announcement:

The city spreads out before you. Rushing from point to point, lit by the slow strobe of fluorescent buses in dark streets. Stumbling into situations for a stranger’s signature. Fleeing unknown pursuers, breathing hard, admiring the landscape and the multitude of worlds hidden in it.

For one night, drop your relations, your work and leisure activities, and all your usual motives for movement and action, and let yourself be drawn by the attractions of the chase and the encounters you find there.

Try to make it through a series of checkpoints as quickly and as stealthily as possible, while avoiding being caught by chasers. Should you be captured, you become a chaser yourself and have to pursue your former friends and allies. No skates, no bikes, no cars — just your feet and public transport.

Starting point for the Journey will be a shallow pit in Prater, near the tram 1 stop Prater Hauptallee and U2 station Stadion (GPS: 48.20673 / 16.40878; see map).

Join in a free street game of epic proportion; a pursuit across the city in multiple parts – and be sure to wear comfortable shoes & bring water =)

The zombies are back

Just a short reminder. Saturday is Day Zero. Be aware. The zombies will be back.

October 18, 2008:
Meeting: 12 noon @ Brut Theater Karlsplatz for getting zombie make-up.
And 3 PM the zombies will hit the streets and walk/crawl over to Stefansplatz.

More info

Krocha Zombies

Be part of it!

schaust ua bombä aus.


treffpunkt für den make-up-workshop: samstag, 28. juni 2008, 12 uhr @ monochrom büro museumsquartier.
wichtig: krocha-outfit bitte selbst mitbringen! wir haben nur kapperl, nicht den rest.

start des mobs: samstag, 28. juni 2008, 14:15 uhr @ monochrom büro.


Sleep and Euro 2008

The Euro 2008 is just around the corner. Less than 18 days and Vienna will be a massive fan zone. I am not sure if I get excited just thinking about the hullabaloo of fascinated individuals at the train stations. Austria wants to make it “the event” of the year, which is true in many aspects. My husband, just to make sure, already hanged a poster that lists all the schedule of matches throughout the month.

As we all know many hotels are overbooked due to a huge number of soccer enthusiasts that will storm the country in June. I wonder how many fans will spend their nights on the street during the event.

Fan camp Enter Fan Camp, a board and lodging possibility with a feel of a camp. If you think 38 euros is worth to spend a night in an immaculate white-painted booth instead of a chic hotel room, of course with the company of your buddies, then it might be a nicer option.

I am not sure how safe or convenient the booths are but they sure look promising (complete with amenities like assurance of a 24-hour security watch and facilities for washing/showering) for the soccer followers who don’t have enough money but at the same time living/sleeping closer to the stadium.

Though a preventive measure should be undertaken by Fan the Camp owners. That is, apart from knowing the guest’s gender, there should be a way to detect if he/she tends to be violent or a prospective hooligan.

Hopefully there will be no clashes happening inside the camp between the fans of the participating European nations.

Another option is to search for private individuals who would be willing to share for a fee/lease their house/flat for strangers.



Seen next to the tram stop in front of Shultz Bar/7*stern (Siebensterngasse 31, 1070 Wien).

More info: (in German)

Real-Time Streetcar & Bus Arrivals

Good news! Real-time streetcar and bus tracking is now available on the Wiener Linien website via this special page.

I don’t see any U-Bahn tracking, and I don’t know how well it would work via a crappy mobile browser on a phone (other than iPhone, of course, which would work wonderfully).

I’ve often thought Wiener Linien needed something like this despite the fact that the transit is generally on schedule and so frequent that one rarely has to worry too much about arrival times. However, when I’m getting ready in the morning, this would really help me time my bus trip just right!

Viennese Zombie Brood: Pictures are up!

Really great pictures of the Viennese Zombie Brood happening are up!




Scroll down on Viennese Zombie Brood page to get links to various cool galleries…


Knights Of The Round Consumer Table

I like the shop window display of Bobby’s British Supermarket. Could fit into one of the really bad episodes of “Sliders”.


Be Careful Out There

So it’s not without a bit of alarm that I note the fact that a man tried to enter the US Embassy carrying a backpack bomb. While I’ve never been there, I know people who must go there often, so I’m glad this guy was almost as inept as the last round of idiot London bombers who burned themselves up.

Unfortunately, the era we live in will see this type of thing all over the world for years to come — and I fear it will be increasingly random and more difficult to prevent. Remember the bombs on the train in Germany that didn’t go off? The series of inept bombings in London the came after the massacres carried out on the public transit all could have been horrific.

Sure, this guy tried to attack the Americans. It’s the oldest trick in the Islamist playbook and, from what I’ve read, this guy almost sounds like a “lone wolf” type — a loony fucker who had “had enough”. But the fact is that Austria has been announced as a target more than once, so it’s likely just a matter of time now before *something* happens. And the real shame of it all is that Austria is such an open, trusting and safe-feeling place.

I am not trying to stir up unnecessary fear for my Austrian friends because, quite frankly, the chances are low you’ll get killed and, as the survivor of a previous terrorist attack (the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombing, for which I was mere meters away from the bomb), I have been struggling with this fear since well before 9/11. Here’s the things: you’ll manage. Have a good life, and lets all try to think hard about how to get out of this mess.

A Day In Vienna

Please don’t take my negative comments out of context and think I’m one of those expatriate Viennese that likes to suck up the resources while constantly slagging the town and its inhabitants. However, I wanted to write down what happened to me today and point at it in the future and say, “see this? This here is a typical Vienna experience.” And just to be fair, this story has a quintessential Vienna happy ending.

So, let’s say I needed a medically-related device or supply for my daughter. I was told to go to a chain of medical supply stores where they carry said supplies. I was told by my doctor to get a specific size of this supply and that it was very important that I get that specific size.

I head off with my infant daughter, my wife, my toddler child in a stroller, pushing through the cold rain. We arrive on Mariahilferstraße, enter the store — let’s call it “B” and are quickly given what we need. We notice the size, which is not the size we need, and say, “is it possible to get the specific size we want?”

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