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Urban Art 64: Dog

As if there weren’t enough *real* shitting dogs in town… but at least I’m glad the real dogs don’t shoot the stuff.


Urban Art 63: Tape!

Beautiful. (No irony!)


Location: next to Hanil Running Sushi, Naschmarkt.

Urban Art 62: Grin!


Location: Naschmarkt.

Raildroad victim–not!


No, no, this isn’t a blown-up doll of a railroad accident wide-eyed victim. If you take a closer look it is supposed to be this guy from that new commercial of ÖBB’s “How-oh” Summer ticket promo for youths under 26 years old, in which it featured an astonished long-haired young man listening to the earth and hearing music or noise or something. And in the end the raging ÖBB train appeared…


This is the actual promo ad.


Seen at the entrance of Südbahnhof as the construction workers tried to install the gigantic figure yesterday morning.


Browsing the internet some months ago I happened upon this little tag-pic on a blog used as a header for some trite yakking. There is something instantly recognizable on there, so I saved it. Today I stumbled over it again. Take a look:


Yes, it is the most honourable and endurable Stefansdom of Vienna in the back. I am 100 % sure.

I didn’t research the origins of this pic, though, for obvious reasons. Sure, I am completely in favor of young women getting their clothes off, in public or otherwise, the main reason is still why they do it.

Is it porn? I don’t like the porno-industry all too much, even though the “real” industry seems to be the better side of all the things in this world going on pornography-wise. But you’d better ask somebody better informed on this issue than me.

Or is it just some private shot? I know about the trend of self-exposing themselves on the rides in Disney Land where the cameras are and I guess anybody with a television set or internet access has heard about springbreak or Mardi Gras. I just didn’t think this would be a trend in Austria as well. Or is it an American tourist?

The picture is too small to say for sure. I can’t even judge which decade this was made in.

If I asked for a full set in higher definition, would anybody believe me it is for research reasons only?

crsp crsp crsp…

and the house is gone.


It really doesn’t take all that long to dear down a house. Even if it is in the middle of the city. This one here is somewhere around the block from Black Market records in Gonzagagasse.


Everybody likes to look at heavy machinery working. Isn’t that a beauty. Other people go birdwatching, but that is nothing compared to a hunk of moving metal of this size.


Yes, I put this entry into the category of Urban Art, because that is what it really is. Urban art – art made by the city for the city. Art that would starts to exist even with no people around. Wonderful.

Porn Stencils #2

Some days ago I posted about the rise of porn-stencils in the city. So last week in the 7th district I found this one:


And some meters up the street the same artist used the entry to an arts gallery for the same stencil. But the cool people in the gallery but a frame and a label to the stencil. By the way: not to be sold.


Sense of humour goes a long way.

Urban Art 61: Nosferatu!

“Good afternoon, Klaus!”

Spotted by near a basket ball field @ Margaretengürtel.


Urban Art 60: Punschkrapferl

Yes, Punschkrapferl rule the world.
Even as stickers!


If you like Punschkrapferl, you probably should follow this link.

Porn Stencils

Lately I see more and more sex-related stencils in the city.


What does it mean? Probably just summer coming.

By the way: by-reading this mornings newspaper I saw the headline: “Hot weather! More than 195 crimes…” or something likewise. I can’t wait till it gets really hot. Especially in the newsrooms of said free papers, where the hot air never ceases to fill the rooms, the heads, the articles…

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