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Bier und das MQ

Wir wollen eine Bring-Your-Own-Beer Trinkaktion im Hof des Museumsquartiers
veranstalten. Dazu müssen wir Leute und die Presse mobilisieren.

­ ORT/ZEIT: Samstag, 20. Juni 2009, 18.00-18.05 Uhr. Innenhof des
Museumsquartiers (Museumsplatz 1/5, 1070 Wien).

­ VORGEHENSWEISE: Ab 18 Uhr wird 5 Minuten lang während des Trinkens
regelmäßig laut zugeprostet!

­ ZIELGRUPPE: Alle, die ein Interesse daran haben, ihre mitgebrachten
Getränke weiterhin im MQ trinken zu dürfen.

­ GRUND: Das MQ ist ein öffentlicher Platz und wird mit unseren
Steuergeldern finanziert, im Jahr 2005 mit ca. 11 Mio. Euro. Wir sehen
nicht ein, wieso wir dazu gezwungen werden sollten, das Bier vor Ort zu

Es haben sich schon mindestens 2 facebook-gruppen gegründet und es gibt ein
geplantes protestereignis:

Austria and Germany

You probably have seen this marketing campaign for some online betting site.


Our British artist in residence — Jesse Darlin’ — asked the great question: “Why is Austria Germany’s bitch?”

I don’t know.

Vienna opera blames Euro 2008 for poor attendance

Soccer games — namely Euro 2008 matches — are getting in the way of opera performances, the Vienna State Opera charged on Tuesday.

The venerable opera house saw its attendance numbers drop to the season’s lowest level on Monday, the same day Austria took on Germany in the city’s Ernst Happel stadium, the Staatsoper said in a statement.

The reason was not that opera fans eschewed Verdi’s La forza del destino (The Force of Destiny ) in favour of watching the match at home.

Rather, fans avoided the evening performance for fear of running into the hordes of soccer fans roaming the city centre, the statement said.

Ticket sales are also suffering for upcoming performances scheduled for the same days as Euro 2008 quarter-final matches.

Amid this uncertainty, the opera house has decided to cancel a ballet performance it had scheduled on June 29 — the day the Euro 2008 final will be played in Vienna.

Company director Ioan Holender said that this was the first time in his 17 years at the Vienna State Opera that anxiety over low attendance has prompted a cancellation.


Reminder: Ring closed off

I, myself, haven’t been near the Ring today, but I just remembered that its closure (rather, the closure of parts of it) was planned for today, so I thought it might be a good idea to post a reminder.

Vienna’s Fan Zone extends from Babenbergerstraße to Schottengasse; all traffic and public transport usually going along this part of the Ring will be diverted until 4 July.

While the website of the Wiener Linien mostly concentrates on providing information on how to get to the Fan Zone (I’d still very much like to know how all affected NightLines will be diverted..), posted a very useful map of alternate routes today (source).

The Mystery of the Hagenbachklamm

Evelyn and I spent a nice Saturday afternoon hiking the wonderful Hagenbachklamm (near St. Andrä; around 20 driving minutes from Vienna) and we spotted a strange piece of “rural graffiti”.


“Ramazzotti Dolomitentarzan” (“Ramazzotti, Tarzan of the Dolomites“)

Any clues?

Schunko, the legend

You are into gun replicas? Soft guns? Other forms of fake weaponry?
I guess you know Schunko (near Urania) already. If not: go there. It’s fake gun lovers kitsch heaven.

You are totally offended by gun replicas? Soft guns? Other forms of fake weaponry?
I guess you know Schunko (near Urania) already. If not: go there. It’s fake gun haters kitsch heaven.



Sleep and Euro 2008

The Euro 2008 is just around the corner. Less than 18 days and Vienna will be a massive fan zone. I am not sure if I get excited just thinking about the hullabaloo of fascinated individuals at the train stations. Austria wants to make it “the event” of the year, which is true in many aspects. My husband, just to make sure, already hanged a poster that lists all the schedule of matches throughout the month.

As we all know many hotels are overbooked due to a huge number of soccer enthusiasts that will storm the country in June. I wonder how many fans will spend their nights on the street during the event.

Fan camp Enter Fan Camp, a board and lodging possibility with a feel of a camp. If you think 38 euros is worth to spend a night in an immaculate white-painted booth instead of a chic hotel room, of course with the company of your buddies, then it might be a nicer option.

I am not sure how safe or convenient the booths are but they sure look promising (complete with amenities like assurance of a 24-hour security watch and facilities for washing/showering) for the soccer followers who don’t have enough money but at the same time living/sleeping closer to the stadium.

Though a preventive measure should be undertaken by Fan the Camp owners. That is, apart from knowing the guest’s gender, there should be a way to detect if he/she tends to be violent or a prospective hooligan.

Hopefully there will be no clashes happening inside the camp between the fans of the participating European nations.

Another option is to search for private individuals who would be willing to share for a fee/lease their house/flat for strangers.

Wiener Linien vs. Vienna City Marathon

Because I’m sure not everyone knows (I, myself, am very rarely up-to-date on sports events, so I’m speaking from experience, ahem): tomorrow, the Vienna City Marathon is taking place, which means that quite a number of trams and buses won’t be operating on normal schedule.

You can find a list of all affected lines on the Vienna Transport Authority’s website. The website of the Vienna City Marathon provides the same information in the form of a four-page pdf document.

Skateshop Opening & Photo-Exhibition

(via Daniel Eberharter)

I realise this is very short-notice, but it’s definitely worth a look. The good people behind Vienna’s best sneaker-store (independent sneaker-store!), Stil-Laden, have decided to open a skate-shop as well, and tonight’s the opening reception. Skater-owned and sure to be top of the crop.

Also on display will be an exhibition on Vienna’s most important skate-spot, the Donauinsel. If you know, you know. If you don’t, come down!

Lindengasse 57
1070 Vienna


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