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New Ska Underground

I just noticed that the newer subway trains are being used for some subliminal music marketing.


Brings a new meaning to the phrase “ranking full stop”

I’m in Orlando…

…for a couple of days, metroblogging there.

Fellow Vienna metbloggers, take over!

First District, from above

Vienna Rooftop Panaramic

I left Vienna this morning heading to Berlin but not before heading over to the first district, sneaking up onto a rooftop and taking this panaramic shot of the city. Unfortunately it wasn’t the clearest of days, but it’s a pretty good feel for what’s going on anyway. Click the above to gigantify it, as it’s massively embigenable.

Seating reserved for Jasper Beardly

Jasper BearldyWhile riding the train today I noticed the reserved seating signs and was delighted to see that there is space saved on all trains in Vienna for the Simpsons character Jasper Beardly. This is fantastic satire and I applaud whoever decided it was important to save space on trains for fictional characters. Nice work.

Sturm is evil

My head. My head!!


David Fine and his Arnold

David Fine is our new monochrom artist in residence. He is from San Francisco, USA. One of the first things he did was writing an email to his governor.

Dear Mr. Schwarzenegger,

I am in Austria for a couple months visiting friends. As my elected public servant, I hope you can give me advice about what to see here. I’m in Vienna now, but I’ll be travelling to Graz (a place you should be familiar with!) in a few days.

Also I’m having trouble as nobody seems to use electric dryers here. How does one dry laundry when it is cold out? Perhaps this could help California solve its energy problems!!

I hope everything is doing well back home, let me know if you would like me to bring souveneirs or chocolates or anything. I will talk to you again later.


–David Fine


Clock on

The Pope is coming.
And Vienna’s English grammar is freakin’ out.


Location: Public transport announcement @ Stephansplatz.


Prominent panthers consume coffee

How Viennese!

And they don’t “gulp”, they “schlick”!


(Location: S├╝dbahnhof)


At least if you are stemming from a catholic background.
Otherwise run for your life. Christian culture is coming!


(Crafty little puppets @ subway station U1 Stephansplatz.)

nudes in the city

I know, a lot of the buildings that make Vienna such a beautiful city were built in the late 19th century, when it was all the rage to adorn every wall with nudes (male and female). Here is an especially nice example:


This one is above the entrance to an old laboratory / factory for chemicals. Sex sells, ever since.

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