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Free Books

Ruth Klüger's first book about growing up in an antisemitic society

Ruth Klüger's first book about growing up in an antisemitic society

Who doesn’t want freebies? Most of all, free books?

In this time of high prices and recession one after another it is nice to know that the city of Vienna is going to distribute 100,000 free books for the masses. The program “Eine Stadt, Ein Buch” is on its seventh year, to coincide with the Lesefestwoche and the International Book Fair. I think this is Austria’s way to save one’s sanity during the darker months of November and December, read a book.

Starting today at noon Ruth Kluger’s “Weiter Leben” a story of her girlhood in the Nazi Austria, her deportation, the antisemitism that was the rage then, and the death of the family members falling as victims of the Holocaust. It is also the story of her survival, hence the phrase, “to live continually.”

November also marks the 70th anniversary of the horrible Reichskristallnacht. The actors of this era are slowly dying and a stunning 30 per cent of Austrians today, mostly young people, voted for the rightwing parties, it is time to learn something from the past and think of the future.

Edward Hopper in Wien

For a moment let’s forget that yesterday was the Austrian election. Everyone in Austria and, perhaps, the whole world are waiting what’s gonna be the possible outcome. The People’s Party has a new head in the name of Josef Pröll. The right-wingers are praying that they are gonna be in the new government.

I digress.

Automat by Edward Hopper

Automat by Edward Hopper, 1927

Do you know this painting? I bet you do. More than a decade ago I saw it on a page of a book. Then as a part of a film. It was from Cameron Crowe, “Singles,” which many people misconceived as his ode to Seattle and the music revolution that was grunge.

I searched and searched until I forgot that I was searching for the name of the painter and the title of the work.

Finally, and hopefully, this painting is included in the upcoming exhibition of works by Edward Hopper at the Kunsthalle Wien, Halle 1 in the 7th District starting on Oct. 3.

Books! Books! Books!

Another book flea market at the Library Donaustadt

Another book flea market at the Library Donaustadt

Don’t pity yourself if you missed yesterday’s book flea market at the Main Library.

Maybe it is only me but, obviously, the people who stormed the event were hungrier like the pack of wolves browsing the books. They ripped off the unopened boxes like mad without returning the books back. A woman in front of me, serious-looking, white-haired, tore the openings of a huge carton. She was so disappointed when she discovered the contents inside, stood up and left immediately. They bumped with one another as if everyone didn’t exist. It was horrible, especially if you tag along an impatient child.

I can understand that the word “cheap” rings a bell. I am with you. With the current economic situation in Austria, everything you can get almost for free is a good deal. Just think about the first low-priced supermarket (Sozialsupermarkt) in the city.

As soon as the woman left the area, one library employee mumbled angrily putting the loads of books in order.

Compared to the others I only had a medium-sized rucksack. Almost everyone had a shopping luggage, Ikea blue bags, etc. Everything big. Plus plastic sacks.

It was okay but it would be nice if I could have spent more time to scan the books available at the hall. At least I have two books from Graham Greene (English-language), two Ephraim Kishon, two coffeetable books about Christianity and castles and three video tapes. Each one cost 1 euro. My son’s vid was even for free.

Anyway, if you are in the mood for another book flea market, the Donaustadt Library will hold for the first time its own, from 11 to 6 p.m. Located behind the Donauzentrum, one really cannot miss it.

Invader invading MQ

Don’t miss tonight’s opening of quartier21’s “Street Art Passage”!

It is pretty much impossible for you to not have come across mosaics done by French street artist “Invader” before, but now he got to – legally – artify an entire part of the MQ complex.

The small bridge between Breite Gasse and MuseumsQuartier is where Street Art Passage is located (this is the third themed passage initiated by quartier21, by the way – the other two are TONSPUR_passage and KABINETT comic passage). Next to the bridge, works by national and international street artists will be displayed from now on, and street art magazine “betonblumen” can be bought from a machine for €2.

Tonight, Invader will be signing the current edition of the magazine from 7-8 p.m.

MQ article

Donauinselfest 2008

As you might know, Europe’s largest open-air festival, the Danube Island Festival, was moved from its traditional end-of-June spot to September because of Austria’s role as Euro 2008 co-host this year.

I almost forgot about this myself, but the festival is set to take place this weekend already (Fri 5 through Sun 7). Apparently, it’s the festival’s 25th birthday this year, and just like last year, 2.000 artists will be performing, providing festival goers with 600 hours of entertainment, all in all. (The traditional fireworks on Saturday got cancelled, however..)

For some reason, I, myself, haven’t been to Donauinselfest for a few years now, but I intend on going again this year. If you do, too, you will find the programme search on the festival’s official website helpful.

ImPulsTanz Opening Party

I was not at ImPulsTanz Festival’s opening party last year, but I attended the closing party, and ohhh, it was something different from the usual stuff, let me tell you. The crowd was very mixed, there were people from different countries, different age groups, many dancers, good music and lots of dancing going on – all in all a really nice party atmosphere.

ImPulsTanz Extras Poster

Today at 10 p.m. starts this year’s opening party, and just like last year, it once again takes place at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz (.. which is a really nice venue, just as a by the way!). So, if you don’t have anything better to do tonight and have €10 to spare, I’d recommend going there!

More info!

PS: I can also totally recommend ImPulsTanz’s Festival lounge at Burgtheater. The nice thing about that is that the entrance is free!

Jane McGonigal’s "The Lost Sport of Olympia"

Awesome stuff.


The Ancient Greeks banned it, but we’re playing it anyway!

The Lost Sport of Olympia is a blindfolded labyrinth race, played in ancient times, and then mysteriously banned in 600 BC.

In 2008 AD, the rules of the lost sport have been rediscovered – and now, this summer, teams are training all over the world, from Tokyo to Buenos Aires, Paris to San Francisco, Sao Paulo to London, Singapore to Wellington, New Zealand. Each city hopes to master the game, and to become the world champions of the lost sport!

Now, for the first time in history, the game will be played in Vienna.

You don’t need to be athletic to be good at this game – but you do need courage, trust, collaboration, and the love of a good adventure!

You don’t have to know anything. You don’t have to bring anything. Just come, alone or with friends, and we’ll put you on a team as we try to set a new European record!

Link to more info:

WHEN: Saturday 5 July 2008, meet at 15:00, start playing at 15:30

WHERE: Meet on Stadtparksteg, the bridge in Stadtpark that crosses the Wienfluss

Doctor, doctor, I am sick

Doctor, doctor I am sickLike what they announced, and what I have heard from my general practitioner’s recorded message, there’s no Ordination tomorrow. Almost 15,000 doctors will join the nationwide protest.

I don’t feel well. Wonder why I am blogging for the heck of it. But I don’t have to talk nor go anywhere today so… Nevertheless, it is not the good time to fall sick tomorrow.

So chin up there’s always the next day.

Doctors’ demo (link in German)

First Null


Oesterreich vs. Kroatien

What more the Austrian team could do? The first half was terrible. They didn’t know what to do with ball and seemed that they were tense unable to channel the negative energy (nervousness…) to something positive. The second half was way much better but wasn’t enough. The goal was not meant to happen.

But, hey, there were a few irregularities that the referee didn’t notice. The Croatians played rough.

The question remains: Who will be the European Masters of Football in 2008?

Link (in German)

Kunstzone Karlsplatz

If you are more into culture than sports and feel “left out” because of the Euro, the official City of Vienna art zone might be just the thing for you.

Kunstzone Karlsplatz offers DJ lines, installations, theatre and art performances, visuals, live music, film nights etc. in four main spots (source) at/close to Karlsplatz from 8-28 June.

Kunstzone Karlsplatz opens tonight, for the full programme check out its website (in German).

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