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Another book flea market at the Library Donaustadt

Another book flea market at the Library Donaustadt

Don’t pity yourself if you missed yesterday’s book flea market at the Main Library.

Maybe it is only me but, obviously, the people who stormed the event were hungrier like the pack of wolves browsing the books. They ripped off the unopened boxes like mad without returning the books back. A woman in front of me, serious-looking, white-haired, tore the openings of a huge carton. She was so disappointed when she discovered the contents inside, stood up and left immediately. They bumped with one another as if everyone didn’t exist. It was horrible, especially if you tag along an impatient child.

I can understand that the word “cheap” rings a bell. I am with you. With the current economic situation in Austria, everything you can get almost for free is a good deal. Just think about the first low-priced supermarket (Sozialsupermarkt) in the city.

As soon as the woman left the area, one library employee mumbled angrily putting the loads of books in order.

Compared to the others I only had a medium-sized rucksack. Almost everyone had a shopping luggage, Ikea blue bags, etc. Everything big. Plus plastic sacks.

It was okay but it would be nice if I could have spent more time to scan the books available at the hall. At least I have two books from Graham Greene (English-language), two Ephraim Kishon, two coffeetable books about Christianity and castles and three video tapes. Each one cost 1 euro. My son’s vid was even for free.

Anyway, if you are in the mood for another book flea market, the Donaustadt Library will hold for the first time its own, from 11 to 6 p.m. Located behind the Donauzentrum, one really cannot miss it.

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