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Creepy little ad modification.


The sheep

Nice little sheep, staring at you.


Location: Technical University, Freihaus.

Austria and Germany

You probably have seen this marketing campaign for some online betting site.


Our British artist in residence — Jesse Darlin’ — asked the great question: “Why is Austria Germany’s bitch?”

I don’t know.

Krocha Zombies

Be part of it!

schaust ua bombä aus.


treffpunkt für den make-up-workshop: samstag, 28. juni 2008, 12 uhr @ monochrom büro museumsquartier.
wichtig: krocha-outfit bitte selbst mitbringen! wir haben nur kapperl, nicht den rest.

start des mobs: samstag, 28. juni 2008, 14:15 uhr @ monochrom büro.


Let’s hug the past!

Are you in Vienna today?
Come and hug the past!
And maybe even witness an arrest.

Saturday, June 21 / Around 2 PM / U2 Museumsquartier exit

Vienna opera blames Euro 2008 for poor attendance

Soccer games — namely Euro 2008 matches — are getting in the way of opera performances, the Vienna State Opera charged on Tuesday.

The venerable opera house saw its attendance numbers drop to the season’s lowest level on Monday, the same day Austria took on Germany in the city’s Ernst Happel stadium, the Staatsoper said in a statement.

The reason was not that opera fans eschewed Verdi’s La forza del destino (The Force of Destiny ) in favour of watching the match at home.

Rather, fans avoided the evening performance for fear of running into the hordes of soccer fans roaming the city centre, the statement said.

Ticket sales are also suffering for upcoming performances scheduled for the same days as Euro 2008 quarter-final matches.

Amid this uncertainty, the opera house has decided to cancel a ballet performance it had scheduled on June 29 — the day the Euro 2008 final will be played in Vienna.

Company director Ioan Holender said that this was the first time in his 17 years at the Vienna State Opera that anxiety over low attendance has prompted a cancellation.


Doctor, doctor, I am sick

Doctor, doctor I am sickLike what they announced, and what I have heard from my general practitioner’s recorded message, there’s no Ordination tomorrow. Almost 15,000 doctors will join the nationwide protest.

I don’t feel well. Wonder why I am blogging for the heck of it. But I don’t have to talk nor go anywhere today so… Nevertheless, it is not the good time to fall sick tomorrow.

So chin up there’s always the next day.

Doctors’ demo (link in German)

Firing Squad / EuroCup 2008

Kewagi and monochrom ask you to join the movement. We still have blindfolds.



"15 ist ein undankbares Alter": monochrom! party!

Tomorrow, June 10/8PM, we will celebrate our 15th birthday at Ost Klub (Schwarzenbergplatz 10).
Please join us for nice little non-soccer-orgy!

Die große monochrom-Geburtstagsgala (inkl. Greatest Hits
CD/DoLP-Selbstüberreichung durch typische Prominente)

      Wie heißt es doch: Fünfzehn ist ein undankbares Alter/Du siehst aus wie siebzehn und man behandelt Dich wie dreizehn

      Ach ja, „die Jugend“ (André Heller, Kronenzeitung, Vauvenargues, Georg Simmel, Die Zeit, Eva Herrmann, Udo Jürgens,, Josef Fritzl, E.M. Cioran, Schopenhauer, Falco, Oscar Wilde) …

      Denn, wie gesagt: die „Jugend“ – Schmäh und Magic!

      Erleben Sie live:
– nicht nachzuvollziehende Stimmungsschwankungen
– hormonelle Desorientierung
Identitätsschlamassel vom feinsten
Rebellion ohne Grund aber gut begründet
– ausgesuchte gemischte Peinlichkeiten
– nicht zielführende sexuelle erste Gehversuche, die in Scham, Schande und
Schwulitäten münden
– schon jetzt legendäre Rollenkonflikte
– und natürlich jede Menge Verstocktheit, Unsicherheit und Kommunikationsverlust
Nervigkeit bis zum Abwinken
– splitterndes Glas

BTW: We will release our first Best-Of CD.

Carefully Selected Moments (CD/LP info)

First Null


Oesterreich vs. Kroatien

What more the Austrian team could do? The first half was terrible. They didn’t know what to do with ball and seemed that they were tense unable to channel the negative energy (nervousness…) to something positive. The second half was way much better but wasn’t enough. The goal was not meant to happen.

But, hey, there were a few irregularities that the referee didn’t notice. The Croatians played rough.

The question remains: Who will be the European Masters of Football in 2008?

Link (in German)

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