Be Careful Out There

So it’s not without a bit of alarm that I note the fact that a man tried to enter the US Embassy carrying a backpack bomb. While I’ve never been there, I know people who must go there often, so I’m glad this guy was almost as inept as the last round of idiot London bombers who burned themselves up.

Unfortunately, the era we live in will see this type of thing all over the world for years to come — and I fear it will be increasingly random and more difficult to prevent. Remember the bombs on the train in Germany that didn’t go off? The series of inept bombings in London the came after the massacres carried out on the public transit all could have been horrific.

Sure, this guy tried to attack the Americans. It’s the oldest trick in the Islamist playbook and, from what I’ve read, this guy almost sounds like a “lone wolf” type — a loony fucker who had “had enough”. But the fact is that Austria has been announced as a target more than once, so it’s likely just a matter of time now before *something* happens. And the real shame of it all is that Austria is such an open, trusting and safe-feeling place.

I am not trying to stir up unnecessary fear for my Austrian friends because, quite frankly, the chances are low you’ll get killed and, as the survivor of a previous terrorist attack (the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombing, for which I was mere meters away from the bomb), I have been struggling with this fear since well before 9/11. Here’s the things: you’ll manage. Have a good life, and lets all try to think hard about how to get out of this mess.

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