Die Hard 4.0

I saw this yesterday and it rocks.


I know, macho, the usa-myth of the loner against the evil hordes, saving the world aka the usa, etc. I don’t care. Bruce Willis found the role of his life in John McClane and it is a great action movie, that has already found its intellectual apologizing in the cineast media years ago. Either way, I wouldn’t care. This movie is fun to watch.

There is a lot of self-irony, an unbelievable fighting scene you haven’t seen that way yet, not a lot of defined characters and some nerd-jokes. Oh yeah, and a lot of shit gets blown up. What else do you need on a hot summer night?

This summer it seems to be all stupid blockbuster-sequels to me: pirates, shrek, die hard… Aren’t there any decent independent-movies coming to our cinemas anymore?

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