university life

I had to visit a university library yesterday, which I haven’t done for years. I didn’t even do it while I was studying. Anyway, I made a few interesting observations there:

> students walk slow it is true, I was constantly avoiding to bump into people from behind. Everybody was strolling around the premises slower than my grandma. Some of them I was faster standing than they were walking.

> nowhere without my mobile there was a sign of a mobile in a red circle and crossed out. I would understand that as meaning: no mobiles. Obviously the four or five people I witnessed right next to the sign talking on their mobiles understood differently.

> powernappers Within the two hours I had to spend at this library I saw three people sleeping at their desks.

Taking these in account, the fact that there is air condition and the unbelievable number of good looking girls around, I reinforce my opinion that the student’s life is the best there is and I strongly wish I was 20 again.

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