The good, the bad and the ugly the articles written by Washington Post and The New York Times raise a few questions concerning their coverage of Dr. Kurt Waldheim. And if you aren’t a careful reader, you would end up believing what you read.

Like any soldier of war, if you desert your troop, you are ordered to be sentenced. And if you disagree to the ruling government or ideology, you better hide or else you are dead. This is more or less the scenario during this era.

Despite the negative mood that the US mainstream media create about him, this memorial tablet goes to show that if you were a non-Jew/non-gypsy/non-gay Austrian and not a pro-Nazi but a communist/socialist that time you would be dead.

Just like the Viennese Viktor Christ, an ordinary citizen who was murdered in 1941 by the Nazis.

If you notice, memorial tablets decorate the walls of mostly old and reconstructed buildings in Vienna. Especially those that have been destroyed during the World War II bombings. Aside from informing the public that this so and so building was renovated, you can also find tidbits of names/personalities who lived here or what happened to them.

Our flat building, for one, is built after the war. Before you reach ours, facing the G├╝rtel, a memorial tablet is plastered on the wall of the house. I read: In this house the Socialist freedom fighter Viktor Christ was executed at the age of 37.

The web lexicon of the Social democrats said that he used to be part of an electronic company. While working there he was already an anti-fascist, which caused him to be arrested but later released. He was arrested again by the Gestapo in October 1941 accusing him of sabotage and arson. Together with other Czech Resistance members, he was executed in Mauthausen concentration camp in November of the same year.

I only realised that he used to live in our district before his death.

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