Browsing the internet some months ago I happened upon this little tag-pic on a blog used as a header for some trite yakking. There is something instantly recognizable on there, so I saved it. Today I stumbled over it again. Take a look:


Yes, it is the most honourable and endurable Stefansdom of Vienna in the back. I am 100 % sure.

I didn’t research the origins of this pic, though, for obvious reasons. Sure, I am completely in favor of young women getting their clothes off, in public or otherwise, the main reason is still why they do it.

Is it porn? I don’t like the porno-industry all too much, even though the “real” industry seems to be the better side of all the things in this world going on pornography-wise. But you’d better ask somebody better informed on this issue than me.

Or is it just some private shot? I know about the trend of self-exposing themselves on the rides in Disney Land where the cameras are and I guess anybody with a television set or internet access has heard about springbreak or Mardi Gras. I just didn’t think this would be a trend in Austria as well. Or is it an American tourist?

The picture is too small to say for sure. I can’t even judge which decade this was made in.

If I asked for a full set in higher definition, would anybody believe me it is for research reasons only?

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  1. Philipp Maan (unregistered) on June 15th, 2007 @ 12:32 pm

    On lots of amateur sites (don’t ask..) there are pictures of those naked girls on the Donauinsel. Seems to be a popular location for this stuff..

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