Blow up the embassy

It has all the ingredients of a cold war crime novel (ex-russian diplomats and politicians, hostages, secret international police, etc.) but after all it will be about money and nothing else.


The ambassador of Kazachstan in Austria, Rachat Alijew, was taken off his position by the president of his country Nursultan Nasarbajew this weekend and summoned back to Kazachstan. But Alijew doesn’t want to so he barricaded himself in his villa in the noble area of the 13th district, Hietzing.


Alijew is one of the richest man in Kazachstan. He is accused of being involved in the hostage taking of two managers of the bank he owns. He wants to sell the bank and amongst the interested parties are Austrian banks as well. The accusations also include extortion and adulteration. Alijew calls this a political propaganda against himself. Allegedly, he hasn’t left his house in Vienna for a few days and hides there with heavily armoured guards. He claims returning to Kazachstan would mean his death.

Ironically, Alijew is the son in law of Nasarbajew, who leads the most powerful clan in Kazachstan and rigorously controls the country. His daughter, the wife of Alijew, Dariga Nasarbajew controls the biggest media conglomerate in the country. Just some weeks ago the parliament made it possible for the president to hang on to his position until 2012. What that means about the country is probably for the Kazachstan Metroblog to tell us. But, isn’t that the country that Borat comes from?

Anyway, Austrian legal departments are now checking what can / should / will be done. I guess, we will see a lot more of the eastern business crimes swap into Austria and other European countries. The vacuum left after the Soviet powers were gone in the Nineties were quickly filled by people who got unbelievably rich in almost no time. And those are people with no morals othern than: see what you can get and don’t let go.

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