Mother’s Day (2) – personal view

My mother visited us on saturday, the day before mother’s day, and we went to a restaurant for dinner. It was almost completely empty. We figured that because of mother’s day the next day, everybody was staying home – due to the common rationale going out for dinner two days in a row is probably luxury. The owner of the restaurant supported our reasoning, saying that he was completely booked out the next day.

Then my mother told us why she doesn’t like mother’s day. When I was about ten years old she wanted mother’s day to be her special celebration, ie. going out to eat with her three kids and her husband. My father asked didn’t want to because on mother’s day all the restaurants are overcrowded and it is a rather awful experience. But my mother insisted.

Some way or another they had a quarrel. End of the story: either my mother took us alone and then had to wait 2 hours for the food to arrive on the table or we all went together and after waiting 2 hours for the food to arrive my father left. Of course, my mother didn’t apologize to my father, even though his prognosis was right. An awful experience. Anyway, that is why my mother doesn’t like mother’s day.

Which tells us several things, amongst them that my parents had a unique relationship (but it worked, through better and worse, it had all the things you’d expect and want from a long lasting relationship).

My mother in law by the way doesn’t insist on celebrating mother’s day because, as she says, her daughter makes every time we meet a mother’s day celebration. She doesn’t want to have presents for the sake of a day, but because somebody wants to give her a present.

My advice: try to find out what your mother wants and then act accordingly.

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