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Sugar-coated! Sweet!


crsp crsp crsp…

and the house is gone.


It really doesn’t take all that long to dear down a house. Even if it is in the middle of the city. This one here is somewhere around the block from Black Market records in Gonzagagasse.


Everybody likes to look at heavy machinery working. Isn’t that a beauty. Other people go birdwatching, but that is nothing compared to a hunk of moving metal of this size.


Yes, I put this entry into the category of Urban Art, because that is what it really is. Urban art – art made by the city for the city. Art that would starts to exist even with no people around. Wonderful.

Internet… and such

Franz Ablinger will hold a talk about internet history… today!

Don’t hesitate and show up… May 30, 2007… 7 PM @ QDK (Museumsquartier Vienna)


More info (in German language)


We call ’em “Schanigarten” in Vienna. Those nice little, green places that pubs, restaurants and cafes open up outside their premises to give you a nice place to relax and enjoy the summer days and especially evenings. They are called “Schanigarten” because the “Schani” is the typical slow-witted, poorly payed, unskilled helper in a working area – a name having been delivered from the 19th century. I know, these gardens are nothing special or uniquely Viennese, but I think that pub owners in Vienna have a special knack for offering specially nice outside seating. Maybe you will like to try them as soon as it stops raining and the sun comes up again. Like this one:


or this one here:


What’s wrong with this Blog?

I am on vacation for two weeks and what happens? Nothing.

Right, the free concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at Schloss Schönbrunn, The Life Ball 2007, the traffic-death rate during holidays is almost three times higher than the year before, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 starts, temperature hits 30° and over, and probably a 1.000 other things to write about, and what does… nothing.

I know where I have been, amongst other things right here:


which was really nice. And Johannes is in San Francisco, but what about everybody else? Hello? I can hear you breathing. I know there are people out there, who want to write about the cool things happening in this funky, happening city. No skills needed, except for the persistence to write something a few times a week. (Internet access is probably a neat idea.)

ipod paraphernalia

At a rough estimate I’d say that about 95 % of the people reading this blog own an ipod, right? Now there is a shop in Vienna that has everything you’d ever need for your pod.


It is located in the passage-way between Mariahilfer Strasse and Windmühlgasse (close to the H&M, about opposite of P&C, turn left towards Naschmarkt – it is a nice shortcut for a lot of things) and from what I could see, you can get all kinds of plug-in stuff for your pod as well as flashy sacks and sockets of all kind of materials. Everything to make your white, one in a billion mp3-player a little more individual.

I didn’t ask if it was possible to get this, though (seen in the shop window of the sex store on Mariahilfer Strasse):


Vice magazine launches in Austria

Allegedly it is the best thing since John Lennon invented sliced bread in 1922: VICE magazine – and now it is to come to Austria in its very own regional edition.


Well, I think I read one or two issues in my life but I always enjoyed the sarcasm and attitude of their website. You can visit the Austrian VICE website, which is partly original content, partly German, partly US, partly alien, partly party and partly something else at all. Slowly the printed edition seems to have spawned over half a dozen countries. Thanks to the fine folks at Super-Fi it will come to Austria as well, starting in June. Can’t wait, huh?

On June 6th there will be a release party at the FLUC in Vienna, with free entry and the honorable gentlemen of Pungent Stench playing a honorary tribute show.

Return of the Eighties

When Angela Merkel rubbed arms with Putin on the news somebody around remarked: “The cold war is coming back.” Interestingly enough, everywhere I look I see signs of the Eighties returning:

* concerts by Throbbing Gristle, The Cult and OMD in Vienna. Even The Mission have re-united.
* two girls playing with Rubik’s cubes on the subway
* movies are dominated by sequels again, as if the 4th part of “Die Hard” alone wasn’t sign enough
* the comeback of the yuppie (disguised as creative industries manager)
* nuclear power plants are missioned as the best alternative to fossil energy sources

What else?

“Little Shop Of Horrors”

As part of our film and discourse series “Projektion” we’ll show Frank Oz’s “Little Shop Of Horrors” (1986, English version). Thomas Ballhausen will give an intro talk.


May 16, 2007; 8 PM at Museumsquartier Vienna/QDK, next to the monochrom office.
More info (sorry, German only)

Re:AW: [Wir] Fwd: Loge etc / OTS-Auss.f.Ubernahme; oel / businessplan // WICHTIG; wer?

monochrom would like to invite you to the exhibition Re:AW: [Wir] Fwd: Loge etc / OTS-Auss.f.Ubernahme; oel / businessplan // WICHTIG; wer?

The group presents a series of 12 oil paintings visually narrating the story of the Lord Lim Lodge and monochrom’s hostile takeover.


As announced at a press conference in Berlin’s Cafe Einstein in spring 2006, the Vienna group monochrom has assumed ownership of all trademark and usage rights of the artist Joerg Schlick’s “Lord Jim Lodge”. Schlick, who died in December 2005, developed the brand name together with Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Wolfgang Bauer during the 1980s. This takeover has far-reaching consequences for numerous artistic endeavors. In cooperation with the Berlin art consulting agency Teyssandier-Springer, monochrom has lodged claims asserting its rights in the affair while simultaneously inviting the owners of the works in question to negotiate a satisfactory out-of-court settlement.
Shortly before the artist’s death, monochrom purchased from Joerg Schlick in a package deal all rights pertaining to intellectual property, copyright, trademark, and usage in accordance with national and international regulations.
In May 2006 monochrom had already succeeded in landing the first returns from the partial transfer of the logo to the American soft drink manufacturer The Coca Cola Company. From these funds it was possible to enter into takeover negotiations with additional art and cultural organizations, thus furthering the group’s vision of working toward an economic restructuring of the so-called Austrian “art scene”. The results will be officially announced shortly. In celebration of their exceptional art-market performance, monochrom and Art Consulting Teyssandier-Springer – in cooperation with the partner firms Galerie Bleich-Rossi, Austroarts Consulting, MuseumsQuartier Wien, The Coca Cola Company, Landesbund Kunst & Kultur Kärnten, Ströck Art Center and Künstlerbedarf Hirmke, Hrabalekgasse 9a – invite you to take a painted look back at the business year 2006/2007.

As part of the opening monochrom will presents the latest issue of Sonne Busen Hammer (which is monochrom print issue #25).


Opening: May 15, 2007; 6 PM @ Galerie Bleich-Rossi, Vienna.

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