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metroblogging vienna flickr photo from scottpartee

Well, everybody, I know it has been a long, hard winter. But please don’t dispair because just as sure as Franz Josef’s daily Tafelspitz lunch, anti-fur protests on Mariahilferstraße, or the unyielding wrath of a Viennese waiter, it is Spargel Time!

Military Glam

Nice jacket.
Spotted at Boutique Gegenalltag.



You gotta have one if you’re a cigarette vending machine.


Cafe Kantine, 1070 Vienna.

What’s It All About

metroblogging vienna flickr photo from scottpartee

I stumbled across these bizarro flyers in the bus shelter at the base of Neustiftgasse the other evening.

I can read the German, but the context is totally alien to me.

Can anyone translate/explain?

DIY in Vienna

“Da könnte ja jeder kommen.”

There will be a nice exhibition about the DIY-punk/hardcore/emo-scene that started in Vienna in the mid-1990s. Handbills, posters, zines, records, photos and other material is on show for 4 days only in the beginning of May. There’ll be live gigs on 3 of the evenings as well. If you’re in Vienna, come on by!


Live shows start at 19:00 sharp:
3.5.: A Thousand Fuegos / Feeding Time
4.5.: Dimitrij / Everton
5.5.: Paper Bird / Seven Sioux
6.5.: Finisage mit Lesung, Punk-Tombola….

adress: Galerie Quelle – Quellenstraße 149, Wien 10

and a lot of links to some of the contributors:
Daniel Eloquence
Jan Capeet
Sea You Records
Glow in the dark

Gangsta Rap from Vienna

I don’t know – should I applaud the fact that these kids are doing something “creativ” or bemoan the way they seem to take this whole gangsta shit seriously. The music is boring, too, but this, obviously, is some kind of Vienna Rap underground.


Well, most rap – and I do admit that I don’t know a lot about it – is sexist, ignorant and self-referential as hell. But this here is awkward from their crew-name onwards. Absolut HIV – hello!? And then rhymes that go “You ask me why I don’t like gays? because they are gay. I think gays are cool, but not if they are gay. And when they are gay, they are sons of bitches.” Is that ironic? Moreover, I never got this whole “respect”-thing, where everyone wants respect from the other people first. And finally, where are the girls? Don’t they like girls? Or is this some kind of boy’s club?

Judge for yourself: Absolut HIV-video auf YouTube

The Pope in Vienna

Once again, the pope will visit Vienna and everybody will be excited. All right, not everybody, but an estimated half million people will storm the city to see Benedikt XVI. That is more than wanted to see U2 or Guns’n’Roses in the late Nineties, when the city was raided by music fans from all over. But a lot less than will visit the annual Donauinselfest.


The Pope will stay in Vienna from 7th to 9th of September, visit Mariazell on the 8th for the 850 year anniversary of the church there and have a coffee or two with politicians, friends and lots of other people on the other days. On the ninth there will be a holy mass in the Stephansdom so you might want to note down in your time planner to avoid the city on this day. You probably want to avoid the newscasts on the ORF as well, because they will probably feature each and every step the pope will take. And I do mean each and every single one.

If you want to see the pope as well you’ll have to get a free counting ticket, which is available in any church and magistrate.

Who is Yves Klein?

I was strolling around with a friend.

He spotted the poster ad promoting the Yves Klein exhibition at MUMOK.

He asked me: “Who’s that? The inventor of the bluebox effect?”


Well, I was really sorry having to tell him that Yves Klein was a painter and used a lot of blue. A somehow boring answer.

Urban Art 60: Punschkrapferl

Yes, Punschkrapferl rule the world.
Even as stickers!


If you like Punschkrapferl, you probably should follow this link.


A metaphorical advertisment for digital cash?


“Coins: 20 meters back”

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