Free Public Transport for homeless people

After the Socialist Party agreed to the suggestion of the green party to offer free public transport to poor people (homeless people and people on social welfare) the greens are now publicising ideas about free entry to theatres, museums and public baths and pools.


Most people I heard argument along the lines of: if I pay 25 Euros for a ticket to a theatre then I won’t want to sit next to the guy pictured above. But that is just short thinking. Of course, poor people should recieve help – but offering a homeless person free entry to a museum and then sending him out again into the cold night when again when the museum closes is somewhere between inhuman and just cynic.Yes, the pyramid of necessities by Maslow still works, but for politicians earning 4K+ a month it is hard to see that self fulfilment is not top priority for people struggling for food and shelter. But hey, it’s cool that this is cared for, now let’s tackle affordable living, health issues and work offers.

Now, do I want to sit next to this guy on the subway train? Well, I have and I changed my place. But that doesn’t mean a thing except that the guy obviously didn’t wash for three weeks. But I also changed my place yesterday when this young, chubby girl in the blue tanktop decided to let the aroma of her armpits flow freely out of her personal space.

The Green Party wants to change the current system of the “Sozialpass”, because it stigmatises people as poor (duh!) by the colour, and they want to align the design with that for pensioneers and Zivildiener. They want two versions: the “Aktivpass” giving 50 % off for public transport and ticket fees to museums, theatres and pools and the “Aktivpass Plus” which offers 100 % off. (Must refrain from commenting on the cynicism of the naming of these passes.)

In Vienna about 80.000 people get social welfare each year, but only 5 % of that on a long term basis. Only these 5 % or 4.000 people are eligible to the “Sozialpass”. (The rest probably goes back into working life, pension or something.) These people have to live on 430 € or less a month.

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  1. ben (unregistered) on April 26th, 2007 @ 12:19 pm

    Allowing people to have a place to wash and stay clean has many long term benefits regarding disease prevention and overall health.

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