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Urban Art 61: Nosferatu!

“Good afternoon, Klaus!”

Spotted by near a basket ball field @ Margaretengürtel.


fine things

On friday I needed a nice present quick – and a friend directed me to this little shop which has nice handmade pottery and glasses.


The little store is located at Strobachgasse 2, 1050, right across the “5er Bräu” on Margaretenplatz. It is opened tue/wed from 13.00-18.00 and tue/fri from 10.00-15.00. You can take a glimpse at how the owner makes her pottery, because her working table is right there, have a nice talk with her and find beautiful things there. She’ll probably make a special something for your loved one, if you ask her. Aks for the whiskey tumblers with butterflies on them…

Wipeout play in the Prater

Tomorrow, Monday, the fuckin’ excellent WIPEOUT will play a concert in the Prater.
6 PM. Free entry.




Hotel Intercontinental, Vienna

I’d like to point you to Manu Luksch’s brandnew MANIFESTO FOR CCTV FILMMAKERS (, a Vienna and London based artist, whose sci fi movie ‘FACELESS’ – made from authentic cctv recordings – will be released soon. BTW, who can tell what this really huge CCTV on top of Hotel Intercontinental Vienna is supposed to capture?

opportunistic infections of the surveillance apparatus

Filmmakers render aspects of nature, human activity and imagination visible. The documentary film continues to be a potent form in all its variety, from the personal video diary to “objective” fly-on-the wall shoots, to the hybrid fact/fiction (“faction”) film. But the most prolific documentarists are no longer to be found in film schools and TV stations. In some European and American cities, every street corner is under constant surveillance using recording closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras. Such cameras are typically operated by local government, police, private security firms, large corporations and small businesses, and private individuals, and may be automatic or controlled (zoomed and panned) from a remote control room. Filmmakers, and in particular documentarists of all flavours, should reflect on this constant gaze. Why bring in additional cameras, when much private and public urban space is already covered from numerous angles?

MANIFESTO FOR CCTV FILMMAKERS declares a set of rules, establishes effective procedures, and identifies further issues for filmmakers using pre-existing CCTV (surveillance) systems as a medium in the UK. The manifesto is constructed with reference to the Data Protection Act 1988 and related privacy legislation that gives the subjects of data records (including CCTV footage) access to copies of the data. The filmmaker’s standard equipment is thus redundant; indeed, its use is prohibited. The manifesto can easily be adapted for different jurisdictions.

Driving Prostitutes

Writer Martin Auer just released his latest book “Hurentaxi”. For half a year Martin worked as a driver for a Vienna-based escort agency. Now he tells us about this time.

I did an interview with him for FM4.


Link (German only)

Free Public Transport for homeless people

After the Socialist Party agreed to the suggestion of the green party to offer free public transport to poor people (homeless people and people on social welfare) the greens are now publicising ideas about free entry to theatres, museums and public baths and pools.


Most people I heard argument along the lines of: if I pay 25 Euros for a ticket to a theatre then I won’t want to sit next to the guy pictured above. But that is just short thinking. Of course, poor people should recieve help – but offering a homeless person free entry to a museum and then sending him out again into the cold night when again when the museum closes is somewhere between inhuman and just cynic.Yes, the pyramid of necessities by Maslow still works, but for politicians earning 4K+ a month it is hard to see that self fulfilment is not top priority for people struggling for food and shelter. But hey, it’s cool that this is cared for, now let’s tackle affordable living, health issues and work offers.

Uncyclopedia on Vienna

The Uncyclopedia is a funny and necessary addition to the misleading notion that wikipedia spreads intelligence. Anyway, this is what it has to say about Vienna:

Vienna is a small suburb of Bratislava. The people of Vienna are known as Wieners. There is a continuing rivalry between the people of the Austrian capital and the people of the German business district, the Frankfurters, as to which group has the bigger sausage. Fortunately, what Vienna sausage lacks in length, Vienna’s men make up for in… oh, Vienna!

Currently, Vienna has a population reaching over 1.7 million. It is is mostly comprised of mimicking midgets (60%), chocolate dogs (30%) and giant robots imported from Japan (10%). Vienna is also known for it’s extensive clown population, which runs rampant through the historical streets daily. Tourists flock to the region to spy these clowns, only to find that they become quickly converted to the clown religion: The flying Spaggheti monster!!! Other Tourist attactions include the public executions on the townsquare (each monday), the executions are believed to be a remant of the holy roman inqusition, where the execution is fulfilled through beating with wooden crosses and strangulation using spagetti. These executions last 3-5 hours and are happily drinking the famous regional beer “St. Georg”, fortified with sake and polluted water from the Danube. Vienna is the only town in the south-north of the US, where horses wear bags in order not to shit on the streets.


Just a quick reminder that the Reading Steiner & Weinberger will be on Friday.

citation: “Roland Steiner is to Elfriede Jelinek like Yamatsuka Eye to Mike Patton.”

100th birthday Fritz Wotruba

Today 100 years ago Fritz Wotruba was born, one of the most important Austrian sculptors and artists of the 20th century. By dissolving the figurative in geometric abstractions, mainly the cube, he took important steps in defining figurative art, though he rejected the term postcubist. His works can be found in social living projects all around Vienna.


If you don’t have anything better to do, why not visit his most famous work: the Wotrubakirche (pictured above) or church to the most holy trinity on the St. Georgenberg in Mauer, which is part of the 23rd district of Vienna. This church is still in use and definitely something to see. It is made from about 150 blocks of concrete, measuring between 1 and 64 cubic feet and weighing between 2 and 140 tons. It is located on the corner of Georgsgasse and Rysergasse.

Wotruba himself never lived to see the realization of his biggest work, because he died on 28th of August 1975.

great shows this week

Please help me out: usually, I don’t like concerts. Too hot, to smoky, too many people, music not loud enough, sound bad, drinks too expensive. But this week there are two possibly great shows: which one should I go to:

Contestant One: Howe Gelb


Gentleman of the old school, dessert cowboy, extraordinary songwriter, wonderful last record with gospel choir, drinks whiskey like other people water and has released about 30 records on various occasions. I have seen him play live two times already and each time he was fantastic. This time he will have the gospel choir with him.
Plays in Szene Wien on Wednesday, 24th of April

Contestant Two: Melvins


Noise rock gods, practically invented the whole metal sludge noise rock thing. Released about a gazillion records on almost every label there is. Considered genius by all important music critics and an important part of my adolescent years.
Play in the arena on thursday, 25th of April

What should I do? Please don’t say I should go to both, because I am too old to be able to stay up late two nights in a row and be back to work at 7 am the next morning. I will be overhanging right into Saturday and that could prove potentially dangerous.

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