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Some show to die for


Celebrities celebrate:

World’s famous supreme media researcher and philosopher Andreas Leo Findeisen (‘Some code to die for: On the Birth of the Free Software Movement in 1887’) invited Vienna’s top intelligensia to fluc vienna yesterday to join him for his happy 40th birthday anniversary.

The gala’s highlight was a synchro-performance by Maschek, well known Viennese comedians and local heros. Showmaster (as usual): Johannes Grenzfurthner.

Besides his bread-and-butter job at the Academy of Fine Arts as Peter Sloterdijk’s intellectual slave, Leo founded two very ambitious and imaginative research projects, Serious Pop and Transforming Freedom, a radar for digital culture. He is also one of the most potent supporters of the Piratenpartei Österreichs.

Leo links:
Transforming Freedom
Piratenpartei Österreichs
Serious Pop

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The top 25 Vienna legends#9 / „Mahlzeit”

I don’t do breaks when I am in the office. I just don’t have the time to. Sometimes I go to the nearest supermarket and try to get some rolls with butterkäse (which is a completely different story) or something small, which I then eat while working on.


Sometimes I meet colleagues on the way and two out of three times they say “Mahlzeit” to me. I guess, that there are colloquial sayings for “Enjoy your meal” or the like in every language. But it is a uniquely Austrian thing to say this as a greeting during the hours between approximately 10:30 am and 2:30 in the afternoon. And it makes me cringe everytime because it has the connotation of civil servantry and being old-fashioned. But there is an interesting story as to where the greeting comes from, and it has to do with civil servants.

Tupalo online community on Vienna ressources

Ever been on the lookout for a cool restaurant, special place to shop, a new favorite record store or else? Want to know if that vegetarian restaurant in a far away district carries vegan stuff as well and if it is as good as the drunken brother of a friend of a friend told you late during yesterdays’s party? Need some word of advice on where to shop for that hard to find limited edition of Strange Emily’s underwear or silver wound guitar strings or that nifty new iRazorlight from Apple that will make your skin so soft and smooth? Here is something for you, that will probably help you:

vie_g_tupalo.jpg is a nifty new feature on the web that combines word of mouth, the community idea and travel guide in a cleverly and userfriendly software packaging. I, of course, checked the record stores first, then got an account and starting to comment on them as well. I hope you’ll like my 2 cents worth.

The thing is still being worked on as far as I can see but it is a clever and neat idea and really helpful.


The top 25 Vienna Legends: #8 / Cappuccino!

The Battle of Vienna took place on September 11 and September 12, 1683 after Vienna had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months.

Why do I tell you that?

Well… one legend tells that, after the battle, the Austrians discovered many bags of coffee in the abandoned Turkish camp. The Viennese used this captured stock and Franciszek Jerzy Kulczycki opened the third coffeehouse in Europe and the first in Vienna, where, according to legend, Marco d’Aviano ( the Capuchin friar and confidant of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor), added milk and honey to sweeten the bitter coffee, thereby inventing cappuccino.


Call for Support: Link to Google Will Eat Itself

by Geert Lovink

Google Will Eat Itself ( ) announced that their domain is now fully censored on all Google Search-Indexes worldwide. What a scandal!

The idea behind GWEI is simple:

Google Will Eat Itself generates money by serving Google text advertisments on a network of hidden Websites. With this money GWEI automatically buy Google shares. GWEI buys Google via their own advertisment. Google eats itself – but in the end “we” own it. By establishing this autocannibalistic model we deconstruct the new global advertisment mechanisms by rendering them into a surreal click-based economic model. After this process GWEI hands over the common ownership of “our” Google Shares to the GTTP Ltd. [Google To The People Public Company] which distributes them back to the users (clickers) / public.

Let’s break the silence and put a link to this project on our sites and blogs: Give Google back to people! GWEI is an interesting case how to imagine a new global public sphere. How to reverse privatization and rethink a truely public Internet without the Googles and Yahoos.

Thanks for your support!

The GWEI-Team
Vienna, Bari, Turin, March 2007

UBERMORGEN.COM (Lizvlx/Hans Bernhard), Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio

Addendum to subway driver announcement:

In the current issue of the upscale sex & grime magazine “Wiener” there is a short portrait of Raimund Korner, a Vienna subway driver who has been doing announcements like the one I described lately for years and has accumulated a fanbase amongst commuters. He has been driving subways for 35 years and has been doing announcements for about ten years. His “word to Sunday” may take him up to three stations, advertisements, cooking tipps and classical quotes included. Life driving subways can be harder than you might imagine – teenagers faking suicide jumps for laughs, drug dealing inside the compartments, sexual encounters – and these announcements are a way for him to deal with the frustrations. And they may sound like these:

The top 25 Vienna Legends, Myths and Rumours: #7 / Fin de Siècle Squatters


Once upon a time, the aged Emperor of k. & k. Austria-Hungary, Franz-Joseph I, decided to date leaders of the Social Democrat’s party for the first time after he had read an article in their central organ, the Arbeiter-Zeitung, about a squat in the capital. In a riot, revolutionary Social Democrats had occupied the President’s dais in a symbolic act by rapidly jumping over some banquettes.

He asked his minister: “Tell me, are these Social Democrat only young people, so fit to jump over those banquettes that easy?” – “No, Mylord”, the minister replied, “even old Social Democrats do jump over banquettes easily.” Astonished for just a moment, the Emperor ordered a civil servant to contact their leader Viktor Adler to send an envoy immediatly to proof the telling of his minister.

Source: Bruno Kreisky, Zwischen den Zeiten. Erinnerungen aus fünf Jahrzehnten (Autobiography), p.29

You say you want an evolution?


Binär plays a breathtaking experimental hardcore gig on 23th March 2007 at Vienna’s Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus. Click here for more picts

what happens to soft toys

Ever wondered what happened to you cuddly lions, rabbits, eagles, snakes, bears, dogs, cats, rats, mice and lice when they turn all fuzzy and dirty and have fallen from your underage love? They grow up and have to work as shop window assistants.


As far as window displays go, I am not sure what these are meant to do marketing wise – create sympathy?


I think monochrom should start another collection of this genre of urban art and call it “pitiable art”.

That shit nature


seen in the 9th district. reads: that shit nature.

explanations wanted

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