Afterthoughts to yesterdays hostage-taking

An incident like the hostage taking at the bank on Mariahilferstrasse leads to a lot of thoughts, some of which I want to put into questions here. Maybe you can help me out.

> never to my knowledge did a hostage-taker in a bank or any other public building get away. Why do people still do it?

> the chief negotiator was interviews on the ZIB2 late news yesterday and he avoided any kind of answers to the anchor’s questions much better than any politician ever would. Should he go into business consulting?

> the hostage-taker requested nothing but cigarettes and a coke light. the media told us the police fetched these from the McDonald’s on the opposite side of the street. Is that good or bad PR for those brands?

> what is the best way to behave when getting into such a situation? run away as fast as possible, hide in the women’s toilet, kick somebody’s ass? What would happen if the hostages declared they are on the side of the hostage taker and start to help him robbing the bank?

> what did go through the mind of the journalist of the local tv station when he called the bank to talk to the hostage-taker live on the show?

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