Falco 50th birthday

Actually, I wanted to post about how Paris Hilton and the opera ball were unavoidable even on Sunday on the telly. But DaddyD hit me to it and I think at one point all of us should just shut up about Paris and end the whole hype. So here is something about a different topic:


Today the greatest popstar ever to leave Vienna for worldwide stardom would have turned 50. If he hadn’t had a fatal car accident in the Dominican Republic on Feb 6th of 1998. I have been to the DomRep once and there I heard that about 50 % of all drivers don’t have insurances for their cars,

but that is okay because 80 % don’t even have a driver’s licence. I was surprised to hear about Falco’s death but the way he was killed didn’t surprise me at all, you see. I grew up to “Der Kommissar” and the whole Falco 3 album still remains one of the best pop albums to ever come from Austria, but that seems like a commonplace in my generation. One guy in school even argued that “Data de Groove” is a really cool record, but then he also called himself DJ Alpha for no reason at all, except owning a record player and putting on records for himself at home alone. By the way, it is not true that Falco was the first or only Austrian to hit the #1 of the US charts, there was a female singer called Penny McLean (born Gertrude Wirschinger in Klagenfurt, Carinthia) who did the same with the unforgettable song “Fly, Robin Fly” around 1975. Actually, I don’t think I ever heard a single song by her.
One final Falco story from my private archive: on Feb 7th 1998 somebody called a friend of mine and played “Out of the dark” onto his answering machine. He was sure it was me, but I didn’t do it. To this day he hasn’t found out who it was. Guess, who I think it was…?
PS: I still wonder if Paris Hilton knows that Paris is the name of a man?

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  1. kazmac (unregistered) on February 19th, 2007 @ 8:06 pm

    Your right Georg, it’s a shame that Falco is missing his party. I hear there have been alot of events going on this past weekend in Wien to celebrate the 50er. Falco 3 is one of the best albums ever. Live Donauinsel CD/DVD, check out Ganz Wien, even better than the original, its so hot it burns ! As for Out of the Dark, last October, I stood by his grave at the Zentralfriedhof, listened to it on my MP3 and wept.
    I genuinely miss the guy….Hans Hoelzel, the Kaiser of Schonbrunner-Deutsch rap. He had class…..
    Kazmac – Manchester, England.

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