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The Grim Reaper…

…wishes “Happy Halloween”!


(Part of the decoration of a tunnel of horror at Vienna’s Prater fair ground.)

Picture by Mike from Zurich.

Murder and Music: Morbid books and CDs


Popular culture is obsessed with murder and music. And there are good reasons for that.

Mord und Musik, a little shop in Vienna’s 7th district, offers a huge variety of crime, horror and other selected works of literature (e.g. fantasy and contemporary) by well-known writers, as well as insider tips, out-of-print editions and books from small publishing houses.
And the music? From mainstream pop to dark and experimental. You name it.

Mord & Musik, Lindengasse 22.
Tue – Fri noon-7 pm, Sat 11 am-5 pm.

Commodore PET @ Technisches Museum

I *love* the Commodore PET. Such a beautiful peace of damn old hardware.


Location: Museum of Technology, Vienna.

Source: NunoCardoso’s photostream

Surviving the winter freeze – addendum

I just learned that Ursula Stenzel, the Bezirksvorsteher (what’s that in English? Head of the district? politically responsibly) of the first district has ruled out the traditional Punschstand in front of the Stephansdom due to her (self-invented) zone of respect. Supposedly there are too many Punschstände and other stalls already in the city (more than 350( and she doesn’t want her district crowded with drunks and loud people.
This punschstand was organized by the “save the Stephansdom” and it may miss the income dearly.
The conservative world view of Ms. Stenzel is something I’d rather not think about. Moreover, I hold certain prejudices against journalists or – as in her case – anchorheads becoming politicians, that I learned from experience in the last years.

Schikaneder Halloween Special


Vienna’s splatter pope/king/hyper-afficionado Martin Nechvatal presents a horror film showdown at the wonderful Schikaneder Cinema.

You want to know movie titles? Forget it! That’s the deal.

October 30 – November 2… all movies will start midnight. No entry fee.


Oaxaca Solidarity / Demonstration

There is a crisis in the Mexican town of Oaxaca.

Background (Wikipedia):

In May of 2006 a teachers strike calling for higher wages led to the occupation of many buildings and streets in Oaxaca’s capital city. On June 14, 2006, the Oaxaca Teachers Union was evicted. By October of 2006, supporters of the strike had grown to tens of thousands calling for Oaxaca governor Ulises Ruíz Ortíz to resign. Demonstrators launched a widespread campaign of civil disobedience and took over the state-run television station. [1] On October 27, 2006, paramilitary forces fired on a crowd of protesters, killing three: Esteban Zurrita and Emilio Alonso Fabian, two locals involved in the demonstrations, and Brad Will, an American journalist who had been videotaping the protest. [2] On October 28, 2006, Mexican President Vincente Fox ordered riot police to regain control of the city. [3] On October 29, police and military forces used bulldozers, water cannons and tear gas to push Oaxaca’s citizens back.[4] Government forces seized Oaxaca’s town hall by mid-afternoon.

Today there will be a demonstration in Vienna. We’ll meet 4:30 PM on Ballhausplatz to hand over a petition to Austrian president Fischer.
The next stop will be the Mexican embassy.

Surviving the winter freeze

Today was the first day of this season that I froze in the morning when driving to work with the subway. Probably because I left my regular jacket in the countryside this weekend, but anyway I should have opted for my winter coat instead.
Vienna offers a few fine ways to get through the cold time of the year. Here are some. Please add to the list as you like:

> Maronibrater: these little stalls offer roasted chestnuts which not only heat your body but are also delicious. They offer roasted potatos and other things as well.
> Punschstand: the other kind of little stalls that offer hot drinks, without but mostly with alcohol. They will pop up in the next weeks everywhere in the city and quality is really differing. Those at the Freyung are usually quite good, but I like to check them every time anew each year.
(Note: there is a traditional game for Viennese youngsters in Wintertime which is walking from point A to point B and drinking a punch at every possible opportunity in between. Don’t try it if the distance between A and B is too long.)
> If there are more than two little stalls, you have been caught in a X-mas market. Some are really crowded, but try to enjoy them. Drink some Punsch. It will make things easier. My favorite stall is the one with soccer-fan-stuff at the Rathaus, but other offer nice things as well.
> Coffeehouses: I know all about the bad service but to sit inside comfy with a hot liquid and watch people freeze outside is always a heart warming experience. Don’t even mention Starbucks or Coffeehouse here, try to find something more original.
> The Prater in Winter is also a nice experience, especially on a cold and grey afternoon when everything is empty and deserted and seems a lot colder than it really is. Leaving Prater every other part of Vienna will seem a little warmer in relation.
> Get a warm coat. Well, I guess that’s obvious everywhere it gets cold in winter.

Squat! Pankahyttn besetzt!

There is a squat going on in the 6th district…
join in!


Wir haben heute das schon seit Jahren leerstehende Haus EckeGumpendorferstraße/Gürtel im 6. Bezirk friedlich und gewaltlos besetzt, umhier ein unkommerzielles und emanzipatorisches Kultur und Sozialprojekt zu verwirklichen.Nach mehreren Aktionen, welche unseren Forderungen Nachdruck verleihen und die Dringlichkeit dieser verdeutlichen sollten, machen wir nun ernst.

Wir haben dieses Haus besetzt, weil:
– 20 – 30 von uns von Obdach-/Wohnungslosigkeit betroffen sind und derWinter bald da ist.
– die von uns solidarisch besetzten Räumlichkeiten im Ernst Kirchweger Haus (EKH) nicht mehr in dem Ausmaß wie letzten Winter zur Verfügung stehen werden und dies die Situation für einige von uns verschärft.
– wir seit eineinhalb Jahren konkrete Gespräche (auch über dieses Haus) mit GemeindevertreterInnen führen, bei denen trotzt aller Zusagen nichts passiert ist. Außer, das SozialarbeiterInnen, die eigentlich von der Stadt
vorgesehen wären uns zu unterstützen, sich selbst bis vor kurzem hier einnisteten.
– es sowieso eine bodenlose Frechheit ist, dass im sechstreichsten Land der Welt Menschen im Winter erfrieren müssen, während Häuser verfallen und Wohnungen leer stehen, um die Profite der BesitzerInnen zu steigern.
– es eine Zumutung ist, dass die Menschen aufgrund ihres Bedürfnisses zu wohnen durch überhöhte Mieten ausgebeutet werden.
– die Reichen immer reicher und die Armen immer ärmer werden: Die reichsten 1% der Bevölkerung haben mehr Anteil (340 Mrd.) am gesamt Vermögen, als die untersten 90% (317 Mrd.). Während die Lohnsteuer von
1992 bis 2005 um 68% wuchs, legte die Gewinnsteuer nur um 24 % zu. Die Einkommen der Reichen und Top ManagerInnen wachsen stetig, den ArbeitnehmerInnen bleibt nach Abzug der Inflation und Lohnsteuer nicht
mehr als 1995.
– dieses Haus bestens dazu geeignet ist, die Betroffenen unterzubringen und ein selbstverwaltetes, unkommerzielles, emanzipatorisches Wohn-, Kultur-, und Sozialprojekt mit Veranstaltungsbereich von, mit und für Punx einzurichten. Ein aus BewohnerInnen und NutzerInnen bestehender gemeinnützig ausgerichteter Verein soll einen unbefristeten Hauptmietvertrag auf Betriebskostenbasis über das Objekt erhalten.

Deshalb haben wir nun die Sache selbst in die Hand genommen und dieses bis heute leer stehende Objekt besetzt!

Wir fordern den Besitzer des Hauses auf, uns dieses zur Verfügung zu stellen! Und wir fordern die Gemeinde Wien auf, ihre politischen Verantwortung endlich wahrzunehmen, und dazu beizutragen, uns die langfristige Nutzung dieses Hauses zu ermöglichen, oder uns ein anderes, für unsere Bedürfnisse geeignetes Objekt zur Verfügung zu stellen!

Mietfreies wohnen für alle!
Abschaffung des Privatbesitzes an Boden!
Selbstbestimmtes Leben ist ein Menschenrecht!
Öffnung leerstehender Häuser und Wohnungen für Wohnungslose!
EKH und Tüwi bleiben – Alles für Alle!

Firefox 2.0 Vienna release party



Mozilla Firefox has reached 2.0 and what better way to celebrate is there than partying it up in one of Europe’s most scenic and attractive cities? That’s right, there is no better way! Saturday, October 28 (tonight!) in Vienna, Austria, the infamous Metalab is hosting the Vienna Firefox Release Party, featuring music, drinks, beautiful people, maybe a few giveaways, and lots of nerdy discussions about standards and usability. Clemens and I will be there with bells on, so feel free to drop by and join us in celebrating the 2.0 release of the best web browser in the world (arguably). The party is being held in the center of Vienna’s beautiful museum area at the Metalab Hacker Space starting at 1800 GMT.

Source: 9tomorrows

International organisations based in Vienna, part 1: CTBTO

CTBTO, the “Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization” is based in Vienna.
CTBTO headquarters are located at the Vienna International Centre, the UN campus.

The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO Preparatory Commission) is an international organization established by the States Signatories to the Treaty on 19 November 1996. It carries out the necessary preparations for the effective implementation of the Treaty, and prepares for the first session of the Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty.

Link / Homepage

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