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Twin districts

Did you know that individual Viennese districts are twinned with Japanese cities/districts?

Alsergrund (Vienna 9) with Takarazuka, Hyogo. Since 1994.
Döbling (Vienna 19) with Setagaya, Tokyo. Since 1985.
Donaustadt (Vienna 22) with Arakawa, Tokyo. Since 1996.
Floridsdorf (Vienna 21) with Katsushika, Tokyo. Since 1987
Hernals (Vienna 17) with Fuchu, Tokyo. Since 1992.
Hietzing (Vienna 13) with Habikino, Osaka. Since 1995.
Innere Stadt (Vienna 1) with Taito, Tokyo. Since 1989.
Meidling (Vienna 12) with Gifu, Gifu. Since 1992.

Source: Wikipedia.

Urban Art 51: V

Remember, remember, the 5th of November!


Location: Muehlgasse, next to Restaurant Beograd.

Loo Talk

I was at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus last Tuesday due to my son’s operation. Not only I marvelled at its size, in which, it seems to me, like a universe in itself complete with amenities like hair and foot salon and public offices. But also the wonderful healthcare system in Austria. You really cannot complain. Of course, you simply pay to acquire this kind of service through the monthly reduction of your salary. But the point is this particular service must not stop.

Anyway, my 14-month-old boy had to be there. So stationed at the Pedia department on the 17th floor, Green wing, I was laughing my head off as I took a notice of this particular poster behind the visitor’s toilet door.

Got it good???

(In English raw translation: Instruction for use for this establishment of the “ready to use” toilet brush; In case you are already seated; left, behind you…)

I am sure that the hospital staff isn’t targetting anyone who doesn’t speak German through an “eye-catching” cartoon of a man with the toilet brush on top of his head. But for those people who “simply” forget to use it for this purpose, cleaning the loo after a big flush.

So, in case, you are in hurry and have finished doing the “big thing,” it will be nice if you take a look at the brush in the corner.

Taugshow #6: Replicators! Lights! Fabrics!

The flat hierarchies of talk shows are about as subversive as NYC Democrats smoking dope. But count us out! We won’t produce a talk show. Nope. We produce a TAUGSHOW! Where people will be persons, even legal bodies. Which means: we dig it. Our guests are geeks, heretics, and other coevals. Taugshow is a tour-de-farce. A joyful bucket full of good clean fanaticism, crisis, language, culture, self-content, identity, utopia, mania and despair, condensed into the well known cultural technique of a prime time TV show.

Late Night, Lights And Lux with Michael Bauer.
RepRap, Nanotechnology and Free Beer with Vik Olliver.
Fashion, Technology, Hemline And Female Sovereignty with Adia Martin.
And lots of more.

[taugen; Viennese slang: to dig/love/adore something]

Location: dietheater, Konzerthaus, Vienna. September 15, 2006. 8:30 PM. In English language.

Vienna’s World Records Day

World Records Day 2006 in Vienna, yeah! Vienna and the Guinness together?

The Austrian capital is going to host several “funny ideas,” dubbed Vienna World Records Day 2006 to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. So if you have the time, the stamina, or just want to have fun, or just curious, you might be interested joining the hoopla on the 17th of September at the Wiener Prater starting at noon.

The sked includes from the mass kissing to the fastest instant messaging competition to Viennese waltz dancing. All in all 20 world records are expected to break that day. Audience participation is encouraged.

Slogan Shirt

Maybe that’s something for urban survival…

A shirt with a Velcro strip to change slogans.


Vienna is… creative.

Avast, me hearties!

jolly rogerArr, listen up, ye rogues o’ the sea! It be a beaut o’ a tides fer th’ scurvy children o’ Neptune! First, th’ dread crew o’ th’ Austrian Pirate Party be stagin’ a wee raid on a bunch o’ royalist landlubbers. A loaded t’ th’ gunwhales wee parrot told me th’ sortie will take place at t’ main gangplank o’ th’ Volkstheater this wednesday, four hours to midnight.

An’ what’s a tour o’ plunderin an’ pillagin’ worth without a feast afterwards? So after ye stashed yer share an’ bandaged th’ cuts an’ bruises, get ready fer th’ Talk Like A Pirate Party at Meta Island on saturday th’ 23rd o’ September, at 8 p.m. – thar’ll be dance, songs, tomfoolery, more grog than ye can shake a cutlass at, an’ a whole shipload o’ hearties with whom ye can buckle yer swash till sun rises.

Make sure t’ appear dressed fer th’ occasion!

5voltcore @ Paraflows

Yesterday the hardware hackers of 5voltcore destoyed graphic cards and mainboards in running computers and displayed the live video signals…
Poetry in motion!


Keep yourself updated about the next Paraflows festival talks, performances and exhibits!

Sticker 17: A warning message

Spotted in a bus.
I agree.


“Grabbing/harrassing makes you impotent”

Election time


“Homeland instead of Schüssel and Brussels” (Freedom Party ad)
“Win your own island” (lottery ad)

Location: 16th district, right next to Blumberg.

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