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Reaction to the Bakary J verdict

Four policemen who pleaded guilty to severely beating a Gambian man in a deserted Vienna warehouse have today been given suspended sentences. Three received an eight month suspended sentence and the other six months.

An interview with Heinz Patzelt, the head of Amnesty International in Austria.



Tomorrow is a great day, at least for the Fellner brothers. The media moguls launch a new newspaper, called “Österreich”.
The Austrian newspaper landscape is rather dry and harsh… but I’m not sure if “Österreich” will change it for the better.

Well, tomorrow I’ll have a public discussion with Astrid Zimmermann (CEO of Medienhaus Vienna, she used to work for the newspaper “Standard” and she was the head of the Union of Journalists) and Gabi Lenz (“Büro für visuelle Gestaltung”, she teaches journalism at the University of Applied Sciences) at Cafe Phil (8 PM).

Best wishes, hope to see you.

Link / Cafe Phil

Link / Österreich

Lonely car

“Come pick me up!”


(Location: Underground parking lot, Museumsquartier)

Wrong fish!

A glimpse of “Darwin’s Nightmare” at the fish and poultry frying station at Pilgramgasse.


(Translation: Lake Victoria Perch)

Great bonfire-feeling outdoor seating…

…at werkheugH, Schönbrunnerstraße 61.

The design is called “bricolage”, concept/created by Maximilian Stecher, Michael Pichler and Andreas Muxel.


A robbed childhood

Days ago, the media were scrabbling over the arrest of the alleged killer of a six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. Now Vienna, Austria is hogging the headlines with the miraculous re-appearance of a girl who was kidnapped by a 44-year-old Nachrichtentechniker in 1998. The man committed suicide last night jumping in front of a Schnellbahn while being chased by the police and the now 18-year-old woman is being examined. And the family, they are shocked of course, and I guess, happy.

It is really extraordinary and heart-wrenching. Right now news all over the world are taken by the story. I also discovered a new term: Stockholm Syndrome. She is said to be suffering from that disorder. She has developed a certain compassion to her kidnapper.

Der Sturm ist da!

I’ve heard tale that the legendary Sturm has started to show up. Any clues as to who has it so far?

(photo via Flickr user exnovo)


Hey folks! Come on! I guess you are sitting somewhere in a Viennese cafe, WLAN connected, and writing emails to your friends in, let’s say: Utah, Kentucky! And I’m sure you constantly mistype words. And correct them. But don’t waste them, because now we collect aesthetically beautiful typing errors of the so-called >EnglishLink

HC Diss Contest

As a reaction to HC Stache’s rap attempt a couple of hip hoppers started a HC Diss Contest.

“Rappers resist!”

And here’s the link. German language only.

Runaway Shopping Cart

Kagran, Vienna, bus stop 93A Do you still remember the Top 40 song from the band Soul Asylum, “Runaway Train”? The music video shows different faces of lost children and teenagers flashing on the screen.

Anyway this doesn’t have anything to do with the trains or even the lost teeners, but the lost shopping carts in Vienna. It is amazing how rampant it is–being practiced without thinking of any consequence–that you can’t help noticing the ominous number of carts lining up in the courtyard of every flat building. Sometimes they are left on the sidestreets ready to be used the next day.

I know that there is a certain ordinance now, urged by the grocery shops like Spar and Billa, to fine anyone who is caught taking home a shopping cart.

I am not sure if this a case of “only in Vienna.” In a way, I find it amusing.

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