Le Divorce et Vienne

I wasn’t really shocked after I read that Vienna holds the highest divorce rate among the Austrian nine provinces. Seeing it happening almost every time (both from work and private circles), I may sound naive and conservative (so be it), it is a cause to be alarmed. I guess this is the result of living in the city and being made into one of the robots programmed to self-destruct. Communication is way toooo expensive. The couple is busy with/at work, work and work. They regard having a career is better than maintaining a relationship.

For yours truly the reasons for an immediate divorce are a. cheating; b. domestic violence. More often than not communication (with an open mind and an open heart) is the key to save it.

It is sad to note that two-thirds of marriage goes down the drain. The breakdown of the family results to an atomised society that is, unfortunately, already happening. The institution we call marriage is falling apart–fast. Do we still have to believe in it and waste our money, emotion and time?

According to the news, Vienna ranks first with its 63.3 per cent. Taking the second place is Lower Austria (45.6 per cent). Then followed by Vorarlberg (43.8 per cent), Burgenland (42 %), Styria (41.8%), Salzburg (40.5 %). Lagging behind the list are Tirol (33.8 %), Carinthia (37.5 %) and Upper Austria (38.6 %).

Chart courtesy of APA and Heute magazine

Other stats include the following:
— Nine years is the average number a couple stays married (9.2 years as opposed to 9.5 years in 2004).
— In 2005, 6, 111 divorce cases were filed in Wien. Nationwide the number was 19,453 cases.
— There are 14,740 minor kids who are left without a complete set of parents.

The European Union has a nifty detailed explanation on divorce in Austria.

At the end of the day the only way to stand out is to do it differently. Don’t fall into one of the statistics. Don’t be another number.

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