Roving Bands of wandering Mozarts

Spring is here. Tourist season (well, main tourist season) is upon us. With the warm weather, one peculiar Viennese species has woken from hibernation: The “wandering Mozart

It is a shy species and hard to catch on pixels, so all I have are these fuzzy pictures:

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The wandering Mozart is generally harmless. It’s mating cry of “concert tickets” may be mistaken for communication by tourists unfamiliar with the species, but other than the unwitting purchase of tickets to mediocre concerts nothing ill can happen.

As the Mozarts multiply pretty rapidly I expect the introduction of predatory Beethovens into the habitat soon. Opportunities for dramatic nature movies will abound…

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  1. KazMac (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2006 @ 9:45 pm

    Hello TH ! [ or can I call you TeHa ? ] TH sounds like I’m lisping. Having been a tourist in Wien many times I too have witnessed the increase in population of the native ‘Wandering Mozarts.’ I have even seen them communicating with the other native Viennese species, the Lesser Wandering Blue Coated Strausses. How to spot the difference, the Blue Coated Strausses are the ones not wearing the cheap nylon wigs. They can all be observed, as they are not known to be shy species, huddled in their respective groups during daylight hours by the Opera, the Hofburg – Michaelertor and the milling crowds outside the Dom. Yes they are tame creatures, thank goodness….. I do enjoy their puzzled expression when I tell them ‘Nein, danke.’ Beware though, as they are starting to evolve, for I have seen them using “Handy’s” [Seriously TH, I love Vienna lots. ]
    Kazmac, Manchester, England.

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