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Spread your wings, Lion!

Once upon a time Venice was part of Austria. You know when Felix Austria used to own half of the world?

And this winged lion statue that made of sand stone trapped in a wrought-iron lattice is the proof of it. This massive work of art stands in the ground floor of the South Railway Station or Südbahnhof. This is one of the two lions that survived after the years gone by. There should be eight. The rest was destroyed during the war. The second surviving Markuslöwe stands near to the former Kaiserbahnhof (imperial railway station?) in Laxenburg.

The Lion Share Vienna-Venice connection

The Südbahnhof leads you to the south of Austria. That includes countries like Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, etc. If you are already there fresh from the train Belvedere Castle is just across the street, that is if you are a tourist.

My mother-in-law has her flat situated very close to the train station. We used to live there and god knows I am gonna miss it once she’ll give that up this year. Nevertheless there is a certain malevolence in the look of the lion. Menacing, you can say. Honestly, the first time I laid my eyes on it I felt fear. It was probably due to the stories I heard about the railway stations that have nothing to do with this lion.

Or perhaps the interesting (and sometimes questionable) characters inhabiting the station every time I wait for my train every weekend off to Burgenland. Once I saw three men mugged a guy, who, I assume, their former comrade. By the looks of it they knew each other. They could be probably friends. But right there and then they were obviously foes, tearing his hair and tagging at his collar. It was a scary sight.

And what could be menacing for yours truly is the sight of sturdy heavyweight white people arguing in a language I cannot recognise.

A Moment

It was a holiday. The traffic on the U3 plaform at Stephansplatz was lighter than usual. I was heading home from the office around noon so that my family could attend a toddler birthday party at a garden in the 14th district. It was shaping up to be a great day.

As I arrived on the platform, I scoped out the announcement sign and saw that the train was but 1 minute from the station. I started my usual march to the area on the platform where the front of the train will come to a stop, because when I arrive at my station, the exit stairs are but a few large commuter bounds away.

I found my spot and heard the train, felt its wind, coming through the tunnel toward the platform. I glanced away from the InfoScreen I was reading just in time to see what I thought was a person move onto the tracks in its path.

Trivia: Look who’s talking


He was a court preacher. The people flocked to hear him, attracted by the force and homeliness of his language, the grotesqueness of his humour, and the impartial severity with which he lashed the follies of all classes of society and of the court in particular. But he was violently anti-Jewish and ultra-nationalist. He wrote, “Outside of the Devil, humanity has no greater enemy than the Jews…For their beliefs, they deserve not only the gallows but the funeral pyre.” He accused them of ritual murder, desecration of the host, poisoning wells and spreading the plague.

What’s the name of the guy?
And what’s the location of the statue?

Dragon with eating disorder


Location: Operngasse, 4th district.


Well, no… it’s the pigeon mobile.
Moreover, it’s the anti-pigeon mobile.

“Repelling Pigeons With A System”


Spotted at Mariahilferstrasse.

Congrats, Metalab!

Yesterday was Metalab‘s official opening party.
And it was really awesome.

A place for metamagical nerds, hackers and freaks of all ages and genders!


Be sure to visit or join them!

HR Giger in Vienna

The KunstHausWien is proud to present the first solo show of HR Giger in Vienna with more than 100 works of the famous Swiss surrealist.

HR Giger is recognized as one of the world’s foremost artists of Fantastic Realism. And I’m a long-time fan.

Giger’s third and most famous book „Necronomicon”, published in 1977, served as the visual inspiration for director Ridley Scott’s film „Alien”, Giger’s first film assignment, which earned him the 1980 Oscar for the Best Achievement in Visual Effects for his designs.

With countless exhibitions since 1966 HR Giger and his art have achieved world renown. The exhibition at KunstHausWien consists of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos and photomontages as well as the famous Harkonnen furniture sculptures, co-curated by Stephan Stucki, Zurich.


May 24, 2006 – October 1, 2006, daily 10 AM – 7 PM.

CSI Oven Cloth

Directly from Vienna, Austria! The CSI Oven Cloth!
The CSI Oven Cloth is a hand-made masterpiece of art. Each oven cloth is being crocheted by skillful monochrom member Evelyn Fürlinger while she watches a single episode of CSI Las Vegas, Miami or NYC, sometimes a re-run or re-re-run. Thus, the CSI Oven Cloth is a product of woolen superiority and empathically charged with craftful love, human trauma and forensic positivism.



Flakturm collapsing?

eSeL just posted the following message to the Bagasch mailing list:

last night, I suppose during the thunderstorm, a huge wall inside of one of the augarten-flakturm collapsed. it’s now in danger of collapsing. they shut off the surrounding area. they even have security-men patrolling the fences, so I suppose, they’re not kidding.

Any news about the Flakturm (WWII artillery tower in Augarten park) out there?

Save ORF’s Souls


Not many minutes ago, Jörg Piringer mentioned a link to very honourable project in the Bagasch:

Der ORF hat zwei brennende Probleme: das Niveau des Programms sinkt und der politische Druck steigt. Beides schadet dem ORF sehr. Daher muss der ORF daran erinnert werden, dass nur die Erfüllung des öffentlich-rechtlichen Auftrags die Gebühren rechtfertigt, und die Regierung muss daran erinnert werden, dass ihr der ORF nicht gehört.

(Rough translation: The ORF (Austrian Broadcast Corporation) has two problems: the standard sinks and the political pressure rises. Both hurts it a lot. [… need some help here …] and the government has to be reminded that the ORF isn’t owned by them)

Did I promise too much? Only two more words needed: Support them! (German)

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