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do you know about improvised theatre? emerging from Augusto Boal’s mainly political ideas, impro theatre became a modern, funny and innovative way to make theatre. imagine some people on the stage, who have to improvise a scene while the audience and some “MC” tell them what to do. from being given the task to the start of the scene the actors have about… three seconds time to think of something. sounds funny? yes it does! some consider improvised theater as the most funny and interesting idea in modern theatre.
and vienna is a good place for impro fans. the international festival moment, that was founded by Theater im Bahnhof (graz) annualy takes place in vienna.
if there’s two groups of actors who get the same (or similar) tasks and compete for the audience’s favour we talk about theatre sports
but now there’s something new. the first theatre sports world cup will take place in germany from 26.6.2006 to 7.7.2006 within the scope of the german football world cup.
vienna now does the kick off. a national team – called the A Team was founded.
it consits of Jim Libby, Charlotte Kaunzner and Rupert Lehofer.
as a preparation for them, there will be three friendly battles against former winners of the austrian theatre sports award.
on the 26th of march the a team fights the Vianna English Lovers, the group of Jim Libby.
on 23th of april they fight Tatwort of munich and on 21th of may Theater im Bahnhof of Graz who won the last european championship.

did you taste blood? the website of urtheater is a good starting point to get into vienna’s impro scene. there are shows on a regular basis!

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