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Christmas Horror – The Second

Whats worse than the same christmas jingle jangle in every shop, and the shopping?
Christmas party at work. ho-hum!
Just imagine you had a shitty day at work, youre tired cause of last nights activities, you get pissed off cause your colleagues are acting like morons, well, like moronic monkeys to be precisely.
You see those people nearly every god-damn day, and then youre supposed to spend the evening with them? Doesnt really sound like fun for me, really. REALLY. Fine, you get booze for free and stuff, but still.. Would you get drunk and do the typical “dance-on-the-table” drama when your boss is sitting next to you? Fine, maybe you do, but i dont. Fine, i did once, and that was enough!
So, everybody is already downstairs starting to get drunk and social, while i am still being social with my computer and a shitload of paperwork on my table. The screen turns already red, cause its a shy one and i kept staring at it for too long, you know. The Cleaning Lady already cleans my seat and my table while i am sitting there and typing. Then the chorus of a bunch of colleagues rises, singing a weird version of what might be “Silent Night.”, maybe it was a britney spears song, who the fuck knows. So, i pack all of my stuff together, try to get into my comfy coat and find my hat, grab my bag and walk to the stairs. Then the horror starts. Then the only question that matters on such a day knocks on my brain: How the hell am i supposed to get out there, while half of the whole company is singing Jingle Bells, without getting seen and asked to stay?
I thought about escaping through the local parking garage.
I sneaked into the lift, let it take me into the parking garage. What a miracle, the lift didnt strike this time, but i felt kinda… lost down there. Never been there, cause i dont owe a car. I tried to be a brave girl and find the exit.
30 minutes later i decided that finding the exit was a silly way to waste my time, and i should go upstairs again and find another way to get out.
So i sat on the stairs and pondered.
And i thought and thought and pondered.
I still pondered.
Yes, i did.
20 minutes later i got the great idea to dress up as a dude from the DHL or UPS service.
I didnt have the uniform, and there was certainly no UPS/DHL dude around. Hey, i only thought for about 20 minutes!
Climbing out of the window wouldnt work, cause i cant open the windows.
I sighed.
Should i give up and be social, or should i become friends with the Cleaning Lady and ask her how the hell she gets out of here without walking through a crowd of semi drunk people? Naw. That would be too social.
So i did the only correct thing:
I breathed in, stared like a psycho, and run downstairs. Running is a thing i usually can do, but not when i am in fear. I thought about waving my arms and scream to make a dramatic exit, but that wouldnt have looked good when all the bosses and the bosses of the bosses were there.
5 minutes later i was outside.
And happy.
And breathless.
But happy!

Christmas Parties at work are THE horror.

Hello, Mr. Storm!
The first thing i did today was chasing my hat on the G

Boozing Vienna

I will never understand what brings people out to stand in the cold for drinking sweet hot drinks. Yesterday I was standing at the Karlsplatz, one of the many public places where these “Standln” (kind of “huts”) have been deployed in Vienna lately. OK, I have been there as well (obviously), but just to do a friend a favor and just to grasp the first chance to flee the cold for a good beer in Cafe Espresso. It’s warm and cosy there, just the way every rational human being should like it in winter.

Christmas Horror

So its already this time of the year again.
We had the snow, we had the freezing and the slipping out on the streets.
Now the real horror starts – oh yes – the christmas shopping!
I know a couple of people who actually enjoy running into crowded shops, spend 30 minutes to get a free changing cubicle (or “sweaty box”), and then 40 minutes standing in a row and wait until you can pay the awesome great stuff you just tried on. It is good for the economy, right? Everything boosts the economy, right? Especially christmas shopping., at least that is what i have heard.

Since it is saturday, and i didnt have any particular appointments i had to attend, i thought i should do my christmas shopping today. Yes, that is quite obviously the most retarded thing to do. Christmas shopping on a saturday afternoon. Sometimes i am a smartass, really.

The Sign


Someone obviously didnt like the sign. well, maybe someone was mad or something.. you never know!

Seen at U6 station “Josefst

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