Let it snow, let it snow

You may have noticed it.
There is looooooots of snow outside.
Fine, christmas is over, and we are already recovering from the food massacre and the drinks and presents and stress, but hey, its still Monsieur Winter’s time.

I decided to leave work early (there was no real cause for that evil behaviour) and went (‘slipping’ fits it more) home to get my camera (which is currently half dead. Thanks to clumsy hands. I need a new ones. Hands AND camera), and take a few pictures, just for the sake of doing so.
Of course it would have been better to do the photo thing in the morning, when the snow as still innocent, without any footsteps or other not so innocent things. Of course i forgot my camera at home. Whoever finds my box where the little man called “memory” lives in, please give me a call. I need that man back!

Results can be found here: Clickety Click

Furthermore, i found one more reason why i do not like christmas:

I cant even get rid off one week’s newspapers, bills, advertisments, the written threats on my life, et cetera.
Thanks to all the people who had a shitload of gift-wrap-papers, and god knows what. THANK YOU.
No really. It suprised me to see the huge mass of paper there.
I am waiting for hippies to show up and cry for the whole wood that had to die to produce the paper. (=Sarcasm.)
I hope they empty it soon. Well, before friday, cause then i am going to be in prague for a while. (=no sarcasm.)

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