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After the crazy flurry of the holidays which involved lots of Viennese food and relatives I was finally able to hit the streets of Vienna to go out. A place I regularly visit whenever I’m in town (mostly because my sister goes there) is the bar called Elektro Goenner in the passage next to the former Amadeus bookstore (now Thalia) on Mariahilferstrasse.

The beer is good, the music too, and the people your regular Viennese hipster-and-older crowd. Or, as my friend informed me today, they are also called Bobos.

So at about 2am, we were ready to take off and hit the sack, but not before getting a “Eitrige” (pus-filled one) at a Wuerstelstand, which is a cheese filled sausage, also called Kaesekrainer. And it looks like this (for those of you who don’t know):


Of course, in New York City, the place I currently call home, these kinds of sausage atrocities are deplored, while other, even worse food atrocities are openly celebrated.

But lemme tell you, there ain’t nothing like a good hot Kaesekrainer with mustard and a Semmel at 2am after several beers. Dee-licious!

And then it started snowing!

The European Union is sexy

What image is coming to your mind when you think about the EU?
Bald old men talking about money?
Boring discussions?
Tea and biscuits?

Well, then you should open your eyes and walk through Vienna to see a project of 25peaces! It will totally change that image of yours.

The pictures, the sujets, will either amuse you, or will make you think. Maybe they will even arrouse you. Depends on the sujet though, i guess.
A couple of them are very critical, and i highly recommend to see them.
Our Bundeskanzler, Mister Sch

Let it snow, let it snow

You may have noticed it.
There is looooooots of snow outside.
Fine, christmas is over, and we are already recovering from the food massacre and the drinks and presents and stress, but hey, its still Monsieur Winter’s time.

I decided to leave work early (there was no real cause for that evil behaviour) and went (‘slipping’ fits it more) home to get my camera (which is currently half dead. Thanks to clumsy hands. I need a new ones. Hands AND camera), and take a few pictures, just for the sake of doing so.
Of course it would have been better to do the photo thing in the morning, when the snow as still innocent, without any footsteps or other not so innocent things. Of course i forgot my camera at home. Whoever finds my box where the little man called “memory” lives in, please give me a call. I need that man back!

Results can be found here: Clickety Click

Furthermore, i found one more reason why i do not like christmas:

I cant even get rid off one week’s newspapers, bills, advertisments, the written threats on my life, et cetera.
Thanks to all the people who had a shitload of gift-wrap-papers, and god knows what. THANK YOU.
No really. It suprised me to see the huge mass of paper there.
I am waiting for hippies to show up and cry for the whole wood that had to die to produce the paper. (=Sarcasm.)
I hope they empty it soon. Well, before friday, cause then i am going to be in prague for a while. (=no sarcasm.)

ping, 40!

yet another city has joined the network.
say hello to mumbai!
for those of you who don’t know (that was including me 20 secs ago) it’s the new name for the town formerly known as bombay.

reality bites

sometimes life is so stereotype …
the chimney sweeper just visited me to wish me a happy new year.

guten TAG

are you one of those guys and gals who thought the austrian theater reform was no good at all? basically I think you’re right. many of the small and some of the innovative playhouses of vienna had to close. they simply didn’t receive any subsidy anymore.
but here comes the good news. dasTAG opens it’s doors in january. 3 small and indeed innovative groups were given the old gruppe 80 building in vienna’s gumpendorferstra

Nazis die, too

Ninety years old neurologist Heinrich Gross died a week ago. He was a famous medical doctor, long-time member of the SP

No snow, no no


presents to the metblog network

there’s presents for the metbog network and it’s readers.
enjoy the new blogs covering singapore and paris.
that makes 39!
folks in non-metblog-cities on this planet: get your arse up and make them 40!

Who Else Does Their Christmas Shopping Exclusively at SEWA?


My brother started it. He would run out the day before Christmas and buy everyone in the family a mug with flowers on it or a tea light holder. (At least SEWA is better than the Happy Markt on Amerlingstrasse) You know, anything that cost more than 2 Euro was simply too much.

I prided myself on spending a lot of time thinking about gifts and getting everyone something nice. Unfortunately this year, due to the stress of final exams and an unexpected shortage of money in my account, I’ve had to go the SEWA route as well. I avoided the SEWA on Mariahilferstrasse which is almost always inevitably crowded and it’s so easy to knock something over with big winter coats, by going to the one on Josefstaedterstrasse. Not so crowded although they selection was smaller. Look forward to candles and incense underneath the tree!

You know they’ve also got disco balls…

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