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Austria in Colors

What a nice metaphor.
Red, white and red… the flag colors of the Republic of Austria… but if you scratch you can see the blue(*) grounding…


(*) The color of the bloody Freedom Party…


When i got home from the airport the first question i asked was: “What are the results of the election, people?”
MY DISTRICT TURNED GREEN! pfoah eh. I first thought it was a joke, cause the 8th district was rather.. well, lets say conservative. Boy, those news made my day for sure. I am pretty confident it has to do with the wonderful green gras i saw in ireland. it was a sign, a sign i tell you!

Anyways, so much for elections and suprises and such.

I got a question for you viennese people.
Last year my kids in lower austria suprised me with dragging me along the whole little town, dressed up like monsters, asking for candy. Halloween, exactly. Halloween in a little town. I prepared myself for screaming grandmas, furious mothers calling the police, and angsty grandfathers pointing their guns at me. Suprisingly enough we scored a rather huge bag full of candy, and .. cookies. homemade cookies by a nice old lady who said the kids are “cute monsters!”. So, the question is, what is going on in Vienna on Halloween? Trick or Treating? i cant really imagine doing that in Vienna. Any experiences?

Medieval ANSI Art


Location: Margaretenstra


Yes. Yes. Yes.

Coconut Craze

There’s a real coconut craze going on at Naschmarkt.
Hundreds of people buy coconuts with a straw, suck out the tasty fluid and then just throw away the coconut. What a mess! What a waste!


I’d like to point out a rather interesting biological fact: the inside of coconuts contains a really yummie white substance called coco pulp. Take a hammer, smash the coconut, eat the pulp.


Thank you very much for your attention.

the handydandy LIVE in CONCERT — WORLDWIDE 27.10.2005



TODAY 18:30 local time in austria/switzerland/germany/nickelsdorf !

the concert will start in sao paolo/brazil at 14:30 local time!

THE HANDYDANDY plays live via SKYPE!

hosted by Bluetooth Research Center Shanghai with
special support from SKYPE and sonance network

the stream is available at:

there will be a small auditorium in HD-headquarter
holzhausergasse 4 and a balcony performance in
tellstrasse 3/zurich plus on 8th floor in a hotel in sao paolo.
The whole concert will be audio and video recorded on
each spot worldwide!
(with special support of HDTV-Los Angeles

due to HD-label restrictions there are only 500 mp3-downloads available.
listen then:

and watch videos:

the videos will be available in the evening hours!

bernhard bauch – T610 – vienna/austria
lluuc gross – T630 – nickelsdorf/austria
nicolaj kirisits – T610 – sao paolo/brazil
gordan savicic – T630 – zurich/switzerland
florian waldner – T630 – berlin/germany

Vienna Reloaded

Vienna is now entirely covered by Google Earth. Enjoy it.

* Wiener Staatsoper and Albertina Museum

* Gasometer Area

Election… and now?

15% for the goddamn xenophobic freedom party creeps!
Well… it’s one more time to say “Scrota Contra Vota”!

Attention, male individuals (biological and/or gender)!
Please undress and sit down on a flat bed scanner and scan your scrotum.
Please anatomize the hi-res JPEG to monochrom via email. monochrom reserves the right to send these digital images to various public people of political interest.


Your scrotum counts!


The big voting day marathon thread thingy, part IV – closing statement

Now that all this is over, there’s one more thing I want to add. Yesterday night, while I was waiting for my bus, I was able to witness something very.. touching. I decided to post this only after the votes are over, because maybe now there is a change people will not file this under “campaign spin” and move on.

The bus station was decorated with one of the FPÖ posters. The slogan was “Herr im eigenen Haus bleiben” (“Let’s continue being the owners of our home(country)”), and it was covered with nazi graffiti – everything from “foreigners out” to “kill the fucking turks” was present. While I was sitting and waiting, a man, somewhere in his late twenties and probably from the middle east, according to his looks, walked by, looked at the poster, stopped, and walked closer to read what had been written on it. After a few seconds, his face changed. I have never seen such a sad expression on someone ever in my life – not angered, not despaired, simply sad. It was so hard, actually, that I decided to just let it stand there, and not take a photo of it, as I usually would (Besides, the lighting conditions were less than perfect, and my camera has a hard time dealing with darkness and low artificial light at the same time).

That’s it. No moral of the story, no big fighting text. I just wanted to share this with you. And now, I’m off to work.

The Fluc is dead. Long live Fluc_2 !

The Fluc established itself as a center for (warning, buzzword parade) contemporary urban art and music. Many loved it, most knew it, and then.. it was gone. Driven into exile by some restructuring plans in the area. Tears were shed, Afri-Cola was spilled, and hearts ripped. It was a sad event.

But cry no more, electro-emo-kids of the present! There will be a Fluc_2. And, to make the deal even better, it will be right next to where the Fluc used to be – in and over the underpass opposite of the previous location. A total of 400m² with stages, an exhibition room, a coffeeshop, a netzone, a bar, and more and more and more. The city of Vienna finally agreed to the rather unorthodox plans that the architect Klaus Stattmann had for the Fluc, and if all goes well, the building process starts in November, and should be done in late January.

This all makes me very happy, and I don’t even like electronic music. But the Fluc fills a gap that has existed in this city ever since the Flex sold out and became a mainstream party bunker with a good sound system. More importantly, it caters more to people that are or were twenty-somethings, instead of those who try to act like they are, but aren’t even legally allowed to drink beer.

Special props go to Der Wiener Lloyd, not only for the nice redesign of his blog, but also for calling his text about the new Fluc “Leopoldstadt Metroblogging” – HA, and now we’re a meme.

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