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Street Signs

Back when i was living in lower austria, it was UBERCOOL to steal street signs. I never scored any sign, cause you know, they are mostly rammed into the earth quite deep, and they are quite heavy as well. I remember one of my friends hat 5 signs. He was the leader of the cool people, cause nothing is cooler than having some reeeeeeeeeeaaaaal street signs in your little room, right next to your mother’s bedroom.

Yesterday i saw something that made me giggle instantly.

Picture link: OH NO!

Someone is ZE MAN and stole a shitload of street signs! omgwtf.
I bet my long lost and forgotten friend in lower austria is going to bite his ass if he sees that someone has a truck full of street signs. HA!

Flashbacks to your childhood prevent you from becoming old and grumpy.

Artsy Fartsy

I guess the lack of creativity last week somewhat drives me nuts this week. Seriously, i see stuff that is supposed to be trash but looks awesome and artsy. Mind you, i have seen enough museums to actually be part of one, but sometimes you find things in your normal-day-life that strikes you as the best piece of art you have seen for quite a while. We are not talking about Mona Lisa, even though the lady has something… err… special, we are talking about Art that isnt supposed to be Art. Talking about Art, what the fuck is Art? Definition, anybody?

Someone new is probably moving into the appartment next to mine. Since weeks the workers are making me sleeping life go POOF! and i cant get the thought of them making wholes into MY wall as well out of my head. So much for less sleep makes more paranoia. So, they are currently renovating the appartment and move old furniture and stuff outside. And that stuff did look quite nice to me. Not in the sense of: “OMG I SO NEED THIS IN MY APPARTMENT!” but more like “Now that looks interesting…”.

If you look a bit closer at the city, youll always find something that is fascinating.

Anyways, here is the new Avantgarde of surrealistic Art:

I call it: “Free the toilet seats out of their cage! FREEDOM FOR TOILET SEAT! and other stuff”

EDIT: i just saw how slow the picture loads, and people on dial up will probably feel the desire to kill me. Sooooooooooo, i removed the picture of the toliet seat artwork and just give you ze links.
Ze link numero uno: Flickr
Ze link numero duo: (higher resolution): DeviantArt

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf on

I did an interview with about ‘Soviet Unterzoegersdorf/Sector 1’… Austrian history, games, copyright etc.


more related to elections …

finally an fpoe plakat which made me laugh.
I have seen some sign language going on but still have to meet the person who says nix versteh’n these days … anyways… instead of the cliche hitler moustache it was refreshing to see the grafitti on this one.

An FPOE poster for the elections says:
Deutsch statt nicht versteh’n. ( German and not oh I dont understand.)
grafitti says: Du nicht Gut ( You not good … basically in very simple english )



It seems that the city likes to make me stop and gasp yet again.
Do you know the feeling when you walk around, and the world grabs your shoulder, makes you stop, and points at something you didnt realise before, and youre totally in awe? Those little things always get me.

who of you guys/gals knows what the hell this symbol/writing means?


It does look nice, even though i dislike the thought of having graffity in the house i live in, but its nice. I want to know what it means, please please please.

Turkish artist in residence plays with prejudices

T. Melih G


The Zeigerpointer (a German-English word-mix tautology that we feel free to give birth to) is the most penurious form of capitulation in the print media. Various people, predominantly in local newspapers or magazines of regional interest, are forced by photographers armed with Zeiss-lenses to indicate occurrences. These people have to point at things. With their bare hands! They have to present occurrences that withdraw themselves through their absence, through optical expiration or simply the course of time. Like car wrecks that have already been recovered, asylum seekers that have fled, or burnt down buildings that were entirely consumed by the fire. Ocurrences that elude the media machinery because of visual boredom or a state of simply-not-there-anymore. Well, then let’s give our readers a Zeigerpointer! The Zeigerpointer shall zeigerpoint it out!


Please help us to collect and archive all the Zeigerpointers that have been photographed on our planet. Please scan the pictures. Please upload them.



The green pary offers t-shirts with nice messages printed on them.
what messages? Well, names they have been called, per example: beautiful Marxist (my personal favorite. Damn, as soon as i have the money…), Forced Vegetarian et cetera.
Even if you do not support the green party, a couple of the shirts rock. Yes, they do.
For the geeks: “Panic: We are are hanging here”
For the kinky ones: “Oral instead of Moral” and “Fucking Instead Of Ranting”. If thats not kinky enough, just look at our Education Minister, yes the latest PISA study made her hot and naughty! REOWR!

Oh. And they have bags too.

Link: Gr

Elections and Feminism

Elections are soon, in case you somehow managed not to notice disgusting posters of grinning people telling you that vienna is becoming better if you vote for them. I actually think about calling the police and tell them that my personal space is being disturbed by a grinning HC Strache in front of my work. It just makes the whole working start worse if you see that guy grinning at you.
Anyways, besides of grinning people at every corner of the city the war for votes is on. It is totally on!
Did you know that the anthemn of our country discriminates women? Or are you one of the people that didnt notice it, cause you dont really give a fuck about a song that you hardly heard and sang the last time in elementary school? Well, you know, that song about how great our country is? I bet you somehow remember it.
Cause its election time, our politicians go crazy like anal probed monkeys and come up with the weirdest things. Today i read at the online standard, that our.. well… minister for women, well, you know the woman that deals with things about women and stuff, Miss Maria Rauch-Kallat, said that we indeed have to change our anthemn. Why, for heavens sake, you might ask. The point is, its evil cause its only about the great sons of austria, and no word about the great daughters. Really!
“Heimat bist Du gro

Monsieur Autumn

It was friday. I managed to get up in time, for once, and packed my stuff to leave the city for the weekend again right after work time was over. Since i was uncreative when it came to taking pictures in the past days, i thought i should take my little Dimage Z2 baby out for a walk and a relaxing weekend in lower austria.
I yawned till i cried, and walked outside of the building just to find myself in yet another surreal moment. I like those moments, when everything slows down, and the world presents itself on a plate only for you to watch and gasp.
There was fog everywhere, just like in the old film noir movies about nice ladies killing their drinking husbands. The few people i saw were moving like sleep walking kids, the cars where surprisingly silent and moving like little bugs through the street. A kid and a man stumbled across the path to go to the local Kindergarten, and a breathtakingly wonderful woman with an oldfashioned hat hurried down the street. I bet she is the lady of the movie, the lady that killed her husband.

I couldnt resist to take a few snapshots and enjoy the very first foggy morning of this year in Vienna. Monsieur Autumn did a great job with suprising me and making me smile. The reason why this made me smile is rather simple and naiv. I used to live in lower austria, with woods around me, in a rather small town, and going for a walk on the fields at late evening would make me perfectly calm and happy. Living in Vienna, i didnt really calm me to walk through the streets at night, nor did i want to use the subway to find a park to wander around. Its just not the same, you know. As much as i love this city, i still miss my little town.
While Monsieur Autmun was on my side, time was against me. I jumped into the subway, that obviously just waited for me, and sat down. Amazingly enough, there was a free seat without a pupil. Sometimes the U6 loves me, and that is totally fine with me. At W

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