days of being wild at augarten

kino unter sternen at augarten. hundreds of people find their way. and the huge flakturm towering above everything even more massive. i envisage seeing it for a fraction of time in the light it was built for doing timetravel. then. haunting and alien it stands there, just next to the enormous cinema screen, indestructible. it’s in the mind and it is lightened red, green and yellow just like afrika. and so it was my actual attraction i could not stop gazing at until the film started. days of being wild by wong kar-wai. the great movie about the unfulfilled love. after in the mood for love and 2046 i was missing it for the trilogy. in know this is not the place for great filmcritics so i let my neighbour speak, because for me the film told about death in the first line. about a bird without feet that has been death since it was born. but the neighbour: a desperado in the hongkong’s 60’s breaks every womans heart. but his great love, the quest for his real mother, which he never saw, will stay unfulfilled, and even punished with death. the woman run for him, run for a construction of their phantasy he could never be, and they are rejected by him over and over very crude. they would follow him into death just to be with him, and therefore they do not realize the would do better to love a man reachable and ready for them, maybe a simple person but willing to love. those men appear, but their avances stay unseen. heavy doses of post-modern reflection, characters mired in paralyzing existentialism, exquisite cinematography, exacting pacing, sultry atmosphere, and an entirely too obvious “art film” air (link). the atmosphere of the movie is very fragile, the plots simple and almost predictable, but magical nevertheless. many people started to laugh and talk, stopped concentrating on the movie. many left. sadly.

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  1. daniela (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2005 @ 2:41 pm

    “days of being wild”. and i missed it.

    i feel terribly stupid now.

    damn it.

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