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Open House III at the Community TV Studio

CTV studio from outsideTomorrow Thursday 1st, there will be another Open House event at the Community TV studio. This time, the first six of the station’s future programmes will be presented. The programme makers will introduce their concepts and show some clips of the programmes.

* Agenda 21: 15. Bezirk
* einblicke/filmecke: die Filmsendung des wienXtra-medienzentrums
* Mazedonia-Roma-TV
* Play: Die Kunstsendung
* UTV: das unabh

An old woman in the stra

This morning I was in the stra

Land Of The Dead — Finally Shown In Vienna

George Romero’s “Night Of The Living Dead” (1968) is one of the most beautiful cinematic commentaries of Vietnam and of the American civil rights movement. It’s also considered to be the first modern horror film.

George Romero’s “Dawn Of The Dead” (1978) is highly fascinating and unsettling, intelligent, complex and polyvalent in its social critique.

Titled “Zombie” in its German release, Dawn Of The Dead is piece of cinematic history knowing no equal. It’s the best Zombie-movie of all time. One of the best films of the 20th century. Period.

But “Day Of The Dead” (1985), too, is a nightmarish film without compromise, despite daft screw-ups by the production company. Fittingly, it came out a year after Ronald Reagan’s re-election into second term.

20 years after “Day Of The Dead”, George Romero is back with the fourth part in his Dead-Series. “Land Of The Dead” is also a statement – about post-911-USA.


The movie tells the story of a world ruled by the undead. The last human survivors “live” in the now isolated city of Pittsburgh, a city wrestled by chaos in which wild street-battles dominate daily life. Slowly and bit by bit, humans discover that the undead aren’t as numb as they were assuming at first. Or could it even be that they have a capacity to learn?

Reserve your tickets!

I eat little hamsters and i do not support the human race

Have you ever managed to go to the milleniumscity without getting into a verbal fight with Greenpeace people and those kind of annoying human beings? If yes, please please tell me how you do it!

Let me describe you how it usually goes for me:
1st base:
They like to stand at the entry/exit of the subway/trainstation. RIGHT THERE.
I tried ignoring them. I tried yelling, i tried being a totally brainfucked crazy maniac, i tried to cry, nothing worked, NOTHING. All of them (Greenpeace, Amnesty International, groups i dont even recall the name of) have at least 3 people there. They see you, they see you – the poor victim, the scared bunny, the little kitty kat – and they will be right and left to you, and one of them right in front of you. A grinning girl will jump to you like a lion on acid and will hold your arm if you decide to do the only thing possible: RUN.
“Hi! You look like someone who cares about the poor animals!” Errr, yes, whatever. I am not sure if this is actually an insult, now that i think about it. I waved with both arms and screamed “I EAT HAMSTERS FOR BREAKFAST AND THEN I COOK DOGS FOR LUNCH AND HAVE SEX WITH RATS!” Boy, did the girl stare at me. That was my chance, go go go go go! I didnt care too much about her screaming “you are the worst girl ever! i hate you, i hope you die! OMG!”

2nd base:
Amnesty International.
Did you know they have those black t-shirts? i can see them. They saw that i escaped Greenpeace and quickly started to organize a barricade. “Hello you! Did you know that every minute people die?” That information is pointless. Just as pointless as if i would tell you guys what kind of socks i am wearing right now, seriously..
The “I dont have time, sorry” sentence is getting ignored. No matter if youre running. You gotta stop or you crash into some Amnesty Internatiol dude. I do not want to run into that dude. They got me.
“We need you to support us!” Well, what could i say? “I DO NOT SUPPORT THE HUMAN RACE! AND NOW LET ME LEAVE, YOU FILTHY HUMAN BEING YOU!” Le Gasp. Le Stare. Le chance numero duo. I manage not to run against a group of people that tried to use the situation and run past the Amnesty people. Evil screaming behind me.

3rd base:
As soon as you think youre safe and through, as soon as you breath out happily someone will suddenly appear in front of you, you nearly fall over, and will show you a map of the most horrible things you have ever seen. You know those pictures of ferrets dead in their cages, dont you? Well. Thats exactly what i was seeing. “You need to help the animals!” I think those guys were from the “4 Pfoten” organization. I can only assume it, because after i tried to push that person away – without any luck, i started to run. I see the holy entry of the shopping centre. I can see it, i am almost there…

I am through.

The first thing i do after being in the shopping centre is to catch my breath.
After that i continue being a more or less normal human being.

BUT, you need to go the same way back to the trainstation.
I found out that the way back is easier though.
I raise both arms, scream and run without stopping. Thats only possible if you dont have any bags you gotta carry. If thats the case though, its always good to talk to yourself. Loudly. Use words like: Satan, Bitch, Bunny love, and words that dont exist. Repeat it until youre out of the danger zone.

You dont want to know what i do when i am on the Mariahilfer Strasse.

DISCLAIMER aka “Before I get angry emails again“:
I do support Amnesty. Since more than 1 year. But i dislike it when people force me to talk to them, without realising that i might not be interested, that I might be in a goddamn hurry. I might support what the organisation is supporting, but i do not support annoying and scary people following me – touching me – forcing me to listen to mindless babble which usually ends with their question: “So whats your bank account number?”

Being Social versus Being Retarded

Last week my aunt gave me the old camera of my grandpa. A Revue Flex SCI I which is the sex. It made me drool when i saw it, and it’s the most sexy thing on this planet (well. right after Mike Patton). When i was playing around with it, trying to figure out what this button does, and what the hell happened when i pushed that button, i noticed that there was still a film in it.
Shot 3 pictures and then hurried to Foto Eder to get that film developped. I had a 100eur bill in my bag, cause i needed to get passport pictures, a new Scart cable (i managed to ruin mine, dont ask how please), stuff to eat and drink, new film for the sexy camera, and a bunch of pictures from my digital cam needed to get printed as well. So i hurried down the street, totally in love with the camera and the world and everything (except that guy that tried to convince me that greenpeace will save my life. I dont love him. I hate him. But i love the rest of the world cause of my camera!) and smiled like a schoolgirl when suddenly a young woman with 2 kids stopped me. “I am sorry, but do you have a few minutes time for me? I need someone to talk to, and i need some help.” Still being in my hippie-maniac-mood i agreed to walk to Mc Donalds and sit down. She said she has no documents, she is not from here, she is not a beggar but she needs money. She doesnt know who could help her, cause the caritas wont do it cause she has no documents right now. She gets them soon when her boss comes home from his vacation, and then she can ask for “Asyl” and then she will get 1000 eur, and she wont be hungry anymore et cetera. I nodded and listened while my thoughts were still circling around thoughts like what film would be the best, and how cute the lenses are, and i like the sound the camera is making when it’s taking a picture. Before i could think twice i agreed to go shopping with her. She needed diapers for the kids and stuff.
Under normal circumstances i would have told her to go to a “Frauenhaus” (place where women can go if they are in trouble), and wish her a nice day. BUT in that very special moment i was stupid enough to help her. No, i like helping people but only when i am sure they really need help. I am not sure about this woman though, but i felt sorry. Did you know that diapers are horribly expensive? and shampoo? and food? and crap?
from the 100eur bill i managed to give away 40eur.
Not even i need 40eur when i am shopping. I dont need diapers though. I was suprised that she didnt ask me to buy her jewelry. When my brain stopped thinking about fluffy pink mice and cute kitties and hugging trees and making love to the sexy camera i actually wanted to say “WTF?” and bring back the stuff she wanted me to buy for her. Unfortunately my brain was not that fast and the WTF moment came a little bit too late. Actually 30 minutes too late.
So, i got my cable, i got my passport pictures (which creep me out in a way that it is not funny anymore), i got my film and a couple of digital photos developped, but the rest – well, nada. I dont want to overdraw my account right now.

I am retarded.
I need to stop thinking about other things while people are trying to make me feel social enough to give away all of my money.

Auto Teile Unger

I think the trademark logo of “Auto Parts Unger” is the bottom end of the graphic design chain.


Sends shivers down my spine.

W or X?

That’s the question.


Feline impression

What a cat.


Location: Kettenbr


Lunch at “Katine”, Museumsquartier.

Reading the menu.



I’m scared.

Sisters of Mercy

There are “Sisters of Mercy” posters all over town, promoting the concert in november.


Reminds me of an old FM4 interview with lead singer Andrew Eldritch.
The first question was: “Why is your music so pathetic?”
Andrew was kinda disturbed.
I think the FM4 interviewer still doesn’t know that “pathetic” doesn’t mean “full of pathos” in English… well.

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