What I like most in summer

It started with a strange mixture of colours: Dark blue sky and orangeish streetlights*. Happened tonight at about 21.15 and finally opened up my “summer in the city feeling”. It’s the time when I do my little summaries of the year: What has been gained and lost (to what cost)? Is my life on the right track or at least on a strange one?

Don’t You have the feeling that gravity is slightly weaker at this time of the year?

Of course I don’t have any final reports ready right now, and to be honest: Who would be interested? But I would like to recommend this time of year for decisions: The temperature is good, things slow down a bit, people concentrate more (on themselves and on others) as usual, they are more social and more honest at the same time.

Living in the city has a lot to do with this: You can be sociable without being forced into commitments. That’s great.

A wonderful, passionate, soft summer to all of You!

* What a pity, these colours are so political incorrect …

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