the kybernet is growing

Cell0005128.jpgfor sure you know how it is to stick in a traffic jam. and as there’s often a lot of time to let your mind slip trough most strange or even mindless places. so did you ever think: can’t the bloody bastard first in row just speed up a bit? believe it or not. there’s people asking the same sort of questions form a mathematical point of view. to discribe the kind of thing they’re doing they use the word cybernetics. in brief words cybernetics is about complex systems, how they are regulated and how their -often surprisingly simple- rules are defined. vienna based victims of this spleen now garthered to find a living and tinkering room inspired by the c-base in berlin. this shall be considered as a place for constructive use of spare time, hacker coulture, a kitchen sink and the like.
their welog is at, and there also is a wiki

by the way: here is a cybernetic approach to traffic jams, that kept my mind busy for some time. just in case you’re interested. (german only!)

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