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swimmers ahoy

since i am in vienna i tested some locations to take a swim. i climbed into baths in d


i just read in standard: the leopoldmuseum granted free entry to every naked visitor, because of the running exhibition the naked truth showing works by klimt, schiele, kokoschka. maybe they want to say: “hey, look. we’re not what you think we are. it’s hot. we go nuts. juhee.”

the leopoldmuseum is one of the huge and very conservative fine art museums in vienna.
i check the date of the newspaper, but its saturday july 30th and not saturday april 1st.

Gendered Logos

When I went home from the Sommerlochfestival and after I passed by the Vienna Opera Toilet I found this logo of Karin Zach Metallbau (metal building?) at the fence of the building site of the opera.


Samuel Keller about art

Today when I stood up I read the “Kunstzeitung” from June this year and found an aricle about the Art Basel . Samuel Keller the director of the Art Basel says there: “…for myself with art it’s like with love, it makes live more liveable and people more loveable.”

I wish you a nice wikend!

Vienna Opera Toilet

I think lots of you know the “Vienna Opera Toilet mit Musik” (…with music):


Its in the underground just around the corner of the viennese opera. Yesterday in the night – after the festival when I passed – they played – of course – popular classical music (should play more Rachnmaninov, Webern & Alban Berg). Yes, that’s normal that you hear popular classical music coming out of this toilet, that’s what you expect.
But I nearly couldnt believe: They mix to this music the sound of a brook in the mountains!!! And I tell you – if you have to go on the toilet, that’s damn inspiring…
They have really talented businesspeople there.

Watch out for the [Sommerloch 05] part II

Yesterday I was at the Sommerloch-festival and it was great. It’s in the 7th floor and they have there a terrace where you can sit outside. The event was crowded, but with a good crowd, so everybody liked to be there and enjoyed. Lots of the music I saw (eh, das fax mattinger) I knew from former concerts and performances, what was new for me was the videoartwork done by Billy Roisz, mui impressionante – like we spaniards say. Here is a still of Billys work (sorry for the colors, in reality it was much more coloureful):


Her work is done analog, it’s slow and it’s very beautiful, like the music I heard yesterday. Other sreenshots of Billy Roisz work.
I was lucky to go there, even if it was so hot. Another great thing was the view you have from the terrace:

aussicht 1.jpg aussicht 2.jpg

Yes, and today there is the second part of this nice event. Like yesterday entry is for free & drinks are very cheap. So go there if you like – I can’t, I’m on a wedding on the countryide!

Strange playthings I

This box I found in a do-it-yourself shop near Johnstra

Best sign in town

best sign.jpg

What wants this sign to tell me?

Voodoo flags & voodoo bottles

Cause it’s the so called “hottest day” of the year and my shoulders are still lobster from the “not hottest day of the year” 2 days ago I travel the www. & I found somethin HOLLA! (exclamation of surprise)
Ever were into Haitian art?
Then check this out, here you can find besides paintings and metal works also voodoo flags & voodoo bottles!

Summerhole 05 – a festival for free


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