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canetti in the east

if you take the A4 (or train from s

No shit, Sherlock

Some of the larger stores in Vienna offer lockers to their customers, so that they can store their bags away while shopping, which helps them to avoid a personal search by an underpaid and over-motivated security guard and/or some quality time with the store detective. In most places, this works like renting a shopping cart – put a coin into the door, lock it, done. (The big exception here is Spar, who have the annonying but smart policy to demand some form of ID for the key.)

This is a photo from the lockers at the Saturn (A large media/hardware chain) in the Gerngross mall. Interesting here is neither the color, nor the petty vandalism that took place, but the fact that some nimrod felt the need to stick a “Broken locker!” poster over it. I mean, please. At least try to act like you deserve to be called Homo sapiens.

The reason why I called the Spar people smart for their concept is because, unlike the lockers at Saturn, theirs are rarely broken. At least not 75% of them at one time. Which is even weirder when you consider that the lockers at the Saturn are in plain view of the security guard mentioned above. I can understand how people can get away with spraying tags on walls in the night, but this? I don’t know if I should be impressed or annoyed, really. Maybe both.

Its Kitsch I know

kitsch I.jpg

But sometimes I need!

By the way – “Kitsch” – I heard that everybody all over the world understands this word (maybe some places dont!), that seems remarkable (if it’s true): they say, it’s the only german word ever invented (!) that is in every language the same!
And to be true – I loooove this word!!!
And – a second – by the way try to find a definition for the word “Kitsch”…

Everybody understands the word – but to give a good definition (and other people understand and affirm this definiton)?

ps: 1 definition you can find here:

ps2: Maybe this definition fits to my photo.

creepy chucky

ive been watching this boy for the past 2 years. he stands there with his 3 brothers. they have all got huge heads on tiny bodies. its as if someone screwed on the wrong parts. then someone painted calculating eyes and a creepy smile. everytime i see him he has got new clothes on. someone changes them for him. i assume.

i hope they dont find out i said all this about them.

shopping city sued, 1st floor, Mexx display window next to Intersport.
the picture does not do justice …


Consumer Town: Religion

…after some good shopping our happy Consumer Lovers (or pre-Consumer Family) can plan a cheap flight to Rome for praying with their “Papa Ratzi”. Religion has never in the past been so convenient!

consumer religion.jpg

(photo: U3 Gasometer)

things you find in the street II

Refering to the Story of Heinrich (see below)
I understand you very well Heinrich, and it makes me happy that there is a person that finds paper clips in the streets and takes them home. You wont believe, but I find elastics in the streets. When I find them (really very often, e.g. today I found 1 in Josefst

big brother on the underground


did you allready notice the new U3 prototype? it looks really nice, it is air conditioned and has one single car. but: it’s monitored. what you see on the picture is a camera. vienna’s mayor Michael H

things you find in the street

did I tell you about my paperclip obsession? to give you a brief introduction: I find them in the streets. and I pick them up & clip them on my collar.
there is 2 good things about this behaviour. first you always have a paperclip when you need one, and secondly you start thinking… how would a paperclip end up lieing in the street?

anyways… today’s question is: how would a baby’s dummy end up concreted into the asphalt of the brandst



Seen at Burggasse 5, 7th district

Central – New Art from New Europe

When I was at the opening of the central exhibition in the tresor in the Kunstforum (Freyung 8, 1st district) I found inbetween all the paintings and objects in a corner this:


It made me in the moment happy! It was such a lovely object. But there was no name of the artist, so I thought: It

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