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mr sharp

“The multi-instrumentalist (and one of the best guitar players around) that connects the blues with mathematics and the theory of chaos says that he doesn

mayday! mayday! breakfast! breakfast!

after today’s day of the hacknstad (jobless), which left me drunk by 21:47 there’s still a lot to take.
tomorrow @ around 11 the permanent preakfast takes back schwarzenbergplatz.
after that @ mezikoplatz 14:00 mayday! mayday! starts. link.
even hubsi kramar suggests to be there as he is for to stop ordentliche besch

Scrap metal animals

At NUU (Exnergasse 15) they sell wonderful handicraft scrap metal animals (moscitos, scorpions, geckos) for 10


My name is David.

I’m a foreigner. I’ve been a foreigner for most of my life. If I end up staying in Austria, I will most likely remain a foreigner ’til I die. Regardless of what passport I have.

When I first went through the process of getting legal here, I was told I could stay, as long as I didn’t work. If I could survive with no income for 6 months, I would then be allowed to get a job.

Some other people said this was nonsense, and since I was married to an Austrian I should be able to start working immediately. The bureaucrats didn’t agree, and I ended up turning down several offers of employment because it wasn’t possible to get the paperwork done.

After 5 months of no-income living I was told I could work. Not only that, I was told I could have worked the entire time, and the 6 month waiting period didn’t apply to me.

The jobs were already gone though, along with 5 months worth of income that I could have used to help support my wife and child.

Oh well. I still had it better than most foreigners here. Since most people thought I was from eastern Europe, they were only assholes until they found out I was from the US. Then they were nice.

Since my preferred line of work was graphic and media design, I also had a certain advantage. Now that I had papers stating I could legally work here, no one ever asked me to work illegally.

Instead, I was offered a position based on a werkvertrag. It’s supposed to be something like a freelance contract. This form of employment was developed, or at least encouraged, in the nineties by the current government. As far as I know both the Socialists and the

How to successfully get yourself into trouble

I attract problems lately.
i got out of the U4 station at spittelau, and decided to be a lazy ass and use the lift instead of the stairs. i walked through the whole hall to the lift, and when it arrived i wanted to step in. before i could do that, someone pushed me aside with an elbow in my back. oh, a kid pushed me aside. ah well, those kids….
another kid showed up, jumped in, and didnt let the other people in. he kept the doors open, with one of his feet, so all of us could wait a bit longer. ah well, those kids….
finally he moved aside, while the people didnt dare to say anything to them, and up we go! riiiight. they pushed the button so we would stop at the trainstation, and not at the top where the subway line U6 would leave. ah well, those kids….
then the older one lighted a cigarette, blowing the smoke directly into my face. ah well, those kids….
then he tried to light my jacket on fire. ah well,… wait, WTF?!
i told him to cut it out, smoking in the lift isnt allowed anyways.
i am sure that this was the most stupid thing i could have said.
a verbal fight started, they insulted me like a pro, and then, finally… the U6 station.


Hello to everybody, this is my first post.
I’m Umberto.

I was walking in the S

Maria Schell

Today is a sad day. I just read that Maria Schell, one of the most famous austrian actresses (or probably the most famous and most loved one) died on Tuesday.
Maria was 79 years old. please google and find all the interesting facts about her life, if you want more information about this great woman.

Rest in Peace, Frau Schell


Two of the guys introduced me to a wonderful toy. They call it “H

I sat in Cafe Museum, enjoyed a cup of tea, gazed out of the window and spotted a car of the private security company “

The Schwedenplatz Cams

I’d like to point out one of Evelyn’s blog entries:

the other night. I don’t primarily allude to the papal election here. I’m talking about the “Schwedenplatz incident”. (Must have seen it on Pro7’s Austria Top News – could’t find any coverage on the internet, sorry.)
Anyways, there was this young man who got seriously injured and had to be brought into hospital when a gang attacked him on Schwedenplatz in the middle of the night. Now you might think: good thing that there are surveillance cameras on schwedenplatz since the 12th of April. Even if the police could not prevent the incident they will be able to identify the villains. The poor bloke probably thought so as well. But *pity deplore regret* the police had to admit that at that time of night the pictures the camera produces are of such poor quality that the attackers cannot be identified.
[Note to self: if being attacked on Schwedenplatz, make sure it is in broad daylight!]
So, I think what god was trying to tell us is that surveillance cameras and papal elections have something in common. The’re both good for nothing.

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