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Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

Today the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation aired “Zwei b

Karl Landsteiner?

There are quite a lot Viennese historical personalities nobody really knows. What did they do? Why are they important?
Karl Landsteiner is one of them.


Althought his picture was printed on the old 1000 Austrian Schilling banknotes he still was rather unknown.

Karl Landsteiner, a Viennese medical doctor and immunologist, classified the bloods of human beings into the now well-known A, B, AB, and O groups and showed that transfusions between individuals of groups A or B do not result in the destruction of new blood cells and that this catastrophe occurs only when a person is transfused with the blood of a person belonging to a different group.
One of the most important medical discouveries of the 20th century.
For his discovery he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1930.



The Viennese Public Transport Authority displays anti-smoking posters in all subway stations.
I do not smoke and I’m not pissed off by smokers… but I’m interested in image processing. The last few times I waited for the subway I kept staring at this poster. Is it photoshop work or did they take two pictures, with and without cigarette? I can’t find a clue.
Maybe someone can help me… uh… staring.


(PS: It’s useless to stare at the JPEG, so stop it. Got to a subway station!)

AKH bleibt!



an internal statement

yesterday, i got a pretty angry mail asking me to comment on this article by heinrich, because the title “der bass war so fett dass sich die weiber vor angst in die hose gackten” (“the bass was so fat that the bitches shit their pants in fear”) sounds sexist.
after some reseach, i can now say that this line is actually a sample that was used in a techno song during that night in the flex when heinrich wrote the entry, and it was presented here to show the quality of entertainment there (below zero, faaaar below zero). so it’s not something heinrich wanted to share with you as his personal belief. it’s merely a text passage some subcreative dj used in a subcreative song to amuse some subcultural people.
and now, back to the program.

abstract: in widerspenstigenz

Bratwurst! Please!

From time to time I buy a bratwurst and devour it.

[A bratwurst is a fried sausage, usually eaten with mustard and bread, a popular snack at the W

The Public Library in Vienna

Today is the very first time I entered the Viennese Public Library. More precisely, I entered the “Hauptb

The Year in Retrospect: Closing of the Margaretenbad

The Margaretenbad really was one of the most comfortable public swimming places in Vienna. I always was fond of the American-style theme park swimming area populated with grumpy Viennese caretakers. Cultural synergy at its best!


In May 2004 the owners had to file a petition in bankruptcy and the place was closed. There’s an initiative called ‘Save the Margaretenbad’ — and it’s quite interesting that it is supported by all political parties. I can’t remember a public platform that was encouraged by the Communist Party of Vienna and the (right-wing) Freedom Party of Vienna… hmm… except Linux.
To be honest, I’m not sure it will work to get the funding to reopen it.

Bye bye, Margaretenbad.

Wiener Silvesterpfad

Zum 15. Mal findet dieses Jahr der Wiener Silvesterpfad statt. Ein neues Highlight ist das erstmals stattfindende Silvesterpfad-Clubbing. Naja, wer

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