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EKH communist party sells squat part II

latest details about the disposal of Ernst Kirchweger Haus (EKH) seem to confirm rumours that the new owner is engaged in the right wing scene.
the occupants of EKH reproach the communist party of selling the home of several left wing organisations and homeless people to a right wing extremist.
they say Christian Machowetz, the chairman of Wielandgasse 2-4 Vermietungsges.m.b.H. was a member of aktion neue rechte.

now, some of the organisations located in wielandgasse 2-4 have been requested to leave the house untill the end of december, tough it was assured by walter baier (communist party chirman) that they could stay for at least 6 more month.

the party’s official comment states that the disposal was imperative due to financial crisis. speculations about machowetz’ background are marginal.

EKH’s inhabitants (some of them have a hire contract) say, they’ll stay in the house.
at the moment we’re planning the 25th anniversary party that will take place in 2015

visit for more information. (german)

Hardcore Japanese Vienna sausage DIY stuff

Everywhere in the world they call Vienna sausages Vienna sausages. Only in Vienna we call them Frankfurter sausages. Anyhow… this site is an online gallery with little Vienna sausage DIY foodstuffs from Japan.


By the way, I hate Vienna sausages.


they, robots


like jurassic park led to a flood of plastic dinosaurs, the movie adaptation of asimov’s i, robot fueled a new craze about our mechanical friends. well, not really an adaptation, more like the worst thing that could have happened to the book. why is it so damn hard to make a good scifi movie from a book? i mean, i still have nightmares about johnny mnemonic. eh, nevermind.
tomorrow, the exhibition “The Robots” will open for 4 days at viennas’ gasometer, featuring faustian bots, steel butlers, a build-your-own-robo-workshop, and all those annoying tincans you’ve seen at the movies. the show is open 09:00-18:00, entry costs 12€ for adults and 7€ for kids. while it might not be as relaxed as other robot shows, it’ll definitely be interesting. and who knows, maybe austria’s robo football team (which is the european champion currently!) will find some new talent there.
i just hope that they have some glorious femme bots with a penchant for evil.

One year of “Falcostiege”

One year ago Andreas Mailath-Pokorny (Cultural Councilman of Vienna) renamed a public staircase/steep track in Vienna’s 5th district after Falco.


>> “Falco” Hans H

Alarm clock?

Spotted at Mediamarkt, Br

Gastrokunst / Gastro-Art

In gastronomical enterprises the management frequently elects to present art as a form of extraordinary room decoration. monochrom has decided to dedicate a page to the breathtaking world of ‘gastro-art’.


[ Example: Value Meal Feeling / McDonald’s branch Handelskai/Vienna ]

Dear internet users! Please help us collect more gastro-art! Take pictures and upload them!

Link / Gastro-Art

zerstreuen sie sich ihnen!

national holidays want to create and demonstrate community. let’s create dispersion. bring your radio & headphones!.

26.OKTOBER 2004 zwischen 14.00 – 16.00

Treffpunkt 13.30
Museumsquartier/ ElectricAvenue/ monochrom

die in hamburg entwickelte idee des radioballett basiert auf synchroner bewegung einer m

big brother awards 2004

the big brother awards for achievements in the fields of total surveillance and annihilation of human rights, organised by the quintessenz, celebrate their 5th anniversary this year. they will be presented tonight at 21:00 at the flex, with hubsi kramar as master of ceremony and live music by the austrian hip hop band “wie sp

Neu! Frisch! Diskokombinat!

Am 26. Oktober legt erstmals das neugegr

Peter Gric

I accidentally discovered the website of Peter Gric, a Czech surrealist/fantasy/magic realism artist who emmigrated from Brno/CSSR to Vienna.
Of course you can see the influence of artists like HR Giger or Arik Brauer in his artworks — Gric was Brauer’s student at the Academy of Fine Arts — but Gric’s skills are excellent and he manages to outperform his teachers with several of his paintings.
Gric is no airbrush artist, he uses oil, acryl and digital collage.


Link: Gric’s homepage

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