east nostalgia in vienna

Our geography-teacher once told us, that on some maps Austria was indicated as a communist state. I think he wanted to frighten us, which did not work out.*
But if You want to enjoy a bit of east-nostalgia right now, simply take tram 62 or 65 from Karlsplatz respectively 6 or 18 from Westbahnhof and take a short trip to 60ies-Vienna: pastel green and yellow as well as grubby brown tiles included. Don’t miss the map of Vienna at Südtirolerplatz!

* I actually was looking for such a map on the web, but when searching “communist countries austria map” I was pointed to Mental map of Austrian security elites (Slilde 17). Frightening, no?

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  1. nex (unregistered) on September 21st, 2004 @ 9:35 am

    ah, the u-straba (metro for the cosmopolitans). i think it’s more depressing than nostalgic. “let’s bury the tramways, it will be so wonderful when every single person in vienna will own a car.”

    google does its best to make this obscure ‘slide’ format readable for me, but i’m afraid there’s something lost in translation. anyway, the term ‘communist’ doesn’t really appear anywhere near the “Mental map of Austrian security elites” ;-p

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