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Dance With Me (George?)

To paraphrase some lyrics from a band I used to play in, Der Sommer ist vorbei und der Winter kommt bald.
Considering the conspicuous lack of summer-like weather this year, that can only be a good thing. Actually, I know it’s a good thing because it means I get my band back. The Beautiful Kantine Band.
The best dressed burgenländische boy band on the planet. Really.

They take their party, Tanz Cafe Der Nationen, out to Burgenland for the summer. That’s great for Burgenländer, but it sucks for me. Which is why I am soo glad the fall is here and the band is back in the city. They will be starting the new season off with a concert in Flex in Vienna this Thursday. Roughly one month later they will be celebrating the Tanz Cafe der Nationen back where it belongs, in the Cafe Carina on the edge of the beautiful 16th district.
Great right?
You’re all just raring to go and see my own personal guitarrreros right?
Want to hear some music first right?

Neal, Ikea

I was quite astounded to find Neal Stephenson’s “Zodiac” in a presentation bookshelf at Ikea Nord.

I wonder if Ikea has an own department just occupied with filling their bookshelves.

OMG WTF or How i learned to love the alarm

So, i decided to leave work earlier, simply because i couldnt be arsed with any retarded customers anymore. I took all of my stuff, went outside, and walked to the bus station. little did i know, that it would have been way better to stay at work. Anyways, the bus came, i found a free seat and relaxed. a bus is great to relax, you know. UNLESS youre on the Line 11, somewhere in Heiligenstadt. i now have a bruise on my knee, plus the wonderful feeling of a gorgeous and more or less amusing headache. why? cause that psycho bus driver stopped suddenly, and half of the peeps inside fell over. ME. As much as i like being touched, i certainly dont like it if a stranger does that. if that can be called a TOUCH, more likely trying to squish me or something.
Anyways (=second time this word has been used within this post. hurray!) i went to the Milleniums City to get some medicmants from the local pharmacy there. you might know that every (well, the bigger stores) store has those alarm thingies in front of their doors. mangetism, or something. i really dont know. so, i wanted to go INSIDE (remember, i just came into the mill-city, without going into any store) and the alarm started. i was kinda puzzled, and stood there. within 2 seconds 3 (!!! like i am a huge guy with huge muscles and a pumpgun in my hand), made a circle around me, and started to ask very interesting questions.
“did you steal anything?”
“Excuse me, i just came here. i wasnt even IN your store yet.”
“did you steal anything from another store?”
“yeah right. of course i didnt. I JUST CAME HERE.”
“but the alarm rang!”
“i noticed.”
“well. did you buy anything somewhere else?”
“well. i am 22 now. i bet i did buy some stuff before. 22 years. long time, you know.”
“alright. i believe you.”
“wonderfull, thank you. can i have my medicaments now?”
this conversation was kind of odd. but hey, they realised that i didnt do anything bad and just gave me the stuff i wanted. and i paid.
Next stop was this god damn H&M store. whoever goes shopping there, i admire you for your patience. i am quite sure that half of the people working there are either minors, retards, or any kind of mental disturbed people. not all of them of course. you might ask yourself why the hell i went there. well, i had to return a shirt which was bought by one of my colleagues. since i am a nice person, i wanted to do that for her.
Alarm rang. at this time i seriously thought someone is taping me, and this was just for a funny movie or show or whatever. of course a H&M guy came to check what that evil pale girl did. (i always wondered how a man can work there. )
“open your bags. immediately.”
“woah. calm down. jesus.”
“i said open your bags, or do i have to call the security?”
“well. i dont mind if you do that. go along.”
“just give me your bag.”
so i handed him over that dreadfull bag of mine. he opened it, saw my creditcards, my phone, my mp3 player, an old harddrive i wanted to give to a friend of mine later, pencils, and whatever a girl has in her bag. but then, his face changed into something that might be called terrified. or shocked. or both together. when he opened the other side, he found what a girl needs. monthly. if you know what i mean. of course unused, sheesh!
“you dont have to shocked. girls menstruate. they need some tampons.”
“oh please. when a woman menstruates she…”
“ITS ALRIGHT! you can go now”
“mmkay. can i return that shirt first?”
“yes. but then please leave.”
i tried to go into a few other stores as well. alarm rang. i am still sure i got kidnapped by aliens at night and they did some weird things to me. and i am know confusing those store alarms, maybe because they arent just alarms. maybe those things are something awfully dangerous alien-ish things.
today was a good day.
i am just wondering why the people at the pharmacy allowed me to leave so fast. i mean, i could have been a potential wacko.
i laughed alot.

dinge, die man in wien finden kann 006

there are some things you will never understand about vienna. part six: a bronze pope.

am rennweg im 3. bezirk gibt es eine kleine kirche, die vor allem von aus polen stammenden wienern frequentiert wird. sonntags bei den predigten stehen die leute dort bis auf die straße raus an und warten auf – keine ahnung wie das jetzt im detail heißt, dieses verteilen von oblate und wein. jedenfalls bin ich jetztens dort wieder vorbei gekommen, und bemerkte zum ersten mal, daß neben dem fronteingang der kirche eine statue steht. das kommt auf dem photo nicht ganz so gut rüber, aber es ist ein maßstabsgetreuer papst johannes paul II. ich finds herzig.

Magnetic Therapy and Vienna

I just stumbled upon an article on CSICOP: “Magnetic Therapy: Plausible Attraction?”

Long considered only a component of quack medicine, magnetic therapy has received a boost from a recent study at the Baylor College of Medicine. Is it plausible?

Some people I know are totally into “magnetic healing chains” and stuff like that. So, as a long time esoteric consumer stuff sceptic, I read James D. Livingston report.
It started in Vienna:

The development in eighteenth-century England of carbon-steel permanent magnets more powerful than lodestones brought renewed interest in the possible healing powers of magnets, and among those interested was Maximilian Hell, a professor of astronomy at the University of Vienna. Hell claimed several cures using steel magnets, but he was rapidly eclipsed by a friend who borrowed his magnets to treat a young woman suffering from a severe mental illness. The friend was Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), and Mesmer’s success with the “magnets from Hell” led directly to his widespread promotion of his theory of “animal magnetism.” Although he first used actual magnets, he later found he could “magnetize” virtually anything — paper, wood, leather, water — and produce the same effect on patients. He concluded that the animal magnetism resided in himself, the various materials simply aiding the flow of the “universal fluid” between him and the patients.

abendunterhaltung f

along the bank in front of the flex bike couriers are competing for the longest stopping distance. the audience is watching.

da vorrang nach eigengewicht geht, sind fahrradboten bremsspezialisten. heut abend vor dem flex ging es um den längsten bremsweg.
nach einigem anlauf wird die rücktrittbremse gezogen, das längste schleiferl gewinnt.
mit der organisatioin sei das “so eine sache”, einen pokal für den sieger gibt es trotzdem.

letzes einhorn

in joanneligasse (6th district) there is a refuge for everyone seeking 70’s wallpapers a glass of weitra beer and a guy at the bar who probably isn’t honest, when saying that he doesn’t think about it all too much.
das cafe einhorn in der Joanelligasse (U4 kettenbrückengasse) ist nicht nur das refugium für die leute von hier und jetzt sondern für alle, die ein gepflegtes waldviertler bier, tapeten aus den 70ern und einen barkeeper der angibt über all das nicht allzuviel nachzudenken suchen. angesichts der lautstärke,. in der hamburger popmusik läuft fällt das nicht nachdenken auch nicht allzu schwer, wie ich im selbstversuch herausgefunden habe.

Preparing for the G

I’s gonna get hot tonight at the Gürtel – the “Volksstimme-Fest” does not take place this year, and the mile will be overcrowded. I have already prepared myself and showed up at several places along the mile yesterday night. It was cosy as usual at the rhiz, my preferred Gürtel bar. The Chelsea was no fun, which is not surprising – I never liked this bar (except for watching English football). But I was eager to see the b72. I haven’t been there since the last New Year’s party when I was witness of some fraternizations between bar officials and bad guys that were grabbing women all night long. I then decided not to go there for a while. Yesterday I felt my boycott has to come to an end. During the last half year the crowd has turned much younger. The music is more mainstream now. Still, it was fun dancing, although I definitely was one of the oldies. I even fell in love with a woman (of my age) spontaneously, but when I told her, she was convincing me that her boyfriend is much stronger than me. So I kept dancing. (Just to tell you the end of my romance: Around 5 a.m. I was meeting her again at a Würschtelstand. Her “boyfriend” turned out to be her brother, I accepted that she tricked me and went home.) And tonight?

Sino-greek shrine

Behind Volkstheater (next to Neustiftgasse) there’s a gastronomical dead-end spot.
Restaurants renting the rather huge place usually go out of business after half a year. I remember at least three chinese, one japanese and one greek restaurant. Now a chinese restaurant uses the place. The food is excellent — but the decoration is still greek style. Lots of temples, statues, ancient (platic) columns and greek symbols everywhere.
Then I spotted a little shrine with a golden insignia.

“In remembrance to our greek precursor.”

ownage on wheels

a bike to die for. almost.
ich gestehe, ich habe keinen führerschein, weder a noch b. aber nach einem blick auf die honda rune war es vollständig um mich geschehen. 2,5 meter lang, wunderschön und stilvoll gebaut, digitale anzeigen, 112 ps, wobei, pure geschwindigkeit ist was für die philister – mit so einer maschine rast man nicht, man gleitet.
ich muß bei diesen bildern automatisch an akira und easy rider denken. ich würde sofort zu fuß nach kalifornien latschen und 20 mal den deckel machen, wenn ich die rune dann mein eigen nennen könnte. aber bei einem stückpreis von 39.000 € wird das wohl so bald nichts.
was das mit dem metroblog zu tun hat? wie der standard berichtet, befinden sich die 20 einzigen in europa erhältlichen modelle dieses meisterwerkes in wien umgebung. damit hätte wohl niemand gerechnet.

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