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So i’ve announced moaning on this blog. Now i feel like i have to get out a rant … Since a few weeks (two?) we’ve got a new TV channel in Vienna: Puls TV. One of the first things i heard about it was that they have their studio in the, loved from us all, viennese Museumsquartier. And their design looks quite good. Great! Sounds like a neat channel is going to hit our monitors.
Wien Live Because i’m sitting quite often in my living room while i work (a sofa is better than a desk) i sometimes switch the tv on to zap through my now three channels (no cable, nor a satellite for me).
First impression … “Hmm the moderator has a little bit too much makeup”. Oh my, what the hell, most of them talk like they’ve never attended a rhetoric course? The sound volume varies all the time, sometimes it’s overdriven sometimes it’s way too low to understand anything.
This in combination with self praising… They had some kind of “let’s bring all employees on tv” thing, and everyone said how cool the team is and how cool vienna is and how cool the channel is and will be. The way the spoke was, as mentioned above, horrible.
Everywhere are new Apple Powerbooks. I’m jealous^3. But hey, finally that weird mediashop (order things you don’t need via phone!) is available for everyone with a telly.
It’s something like an information channel – no series, no movies – so just news, interviews and games (which combines the first two somehow, as far as i’ve seen). Well, there isn’t too much going on here that is worth to be shown on TV, so what they do is, get the “interesting” stuff and repeat it a few times. Interesting as in “live Tarot” or the viennese “schanigarten club” has problems with it’s neighbors.
I’m not a big TV watcher and i don’t know if this is all normal and i’m the one that has too high demands, so: is it me, or are we going down TV-wise?

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  1. (unregistered) on July 10th, 2004 @ 8:43 am

    I suppose it’s commerical city televison, or is it somehow independant?

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