Brilliant Ideas I didn’t Have

I have a love hate relationship to artists.
Basically I love to hate them.
Now, anyone who knows me will surely thnk to themselves “that’s just because they kicked him out of the Academy of Applied arts!” and they would, of course, be right. The reasons for my envy however, go even deeper. I love pranks. I love the idea of conmen. I love the idea of taking large sums of money from people who are rich in gold but poor in clues. Successful artists get to do all three.
I don’t know how famous Claude Bossett is, but the fact that he came up with the idea of painting a square of color (not original) and calling it a portrait of a pixel (!) would suggest that he is well on his way to international acclaim.

Check this out:
Vienna based artist, Claude Bossett, unvealed a tribute to the pixel as the world celebrates its 50th Birthday. The tribute takes the form of an acrylic painted 60cm x 60cm blue Square on a 100cm x 140cm canvas. It is a depiction of a magnified pixel. The tribute makes the otherwise almost microscopic square, quite impossible to oversee. Its one pixel that won´t go unnoticed. The magnification creates a sense of importance and offers an element of surprise with a dash of humor. the smoothly painted bright square is horizontally centered and placed vertically towards the top of the canvas, thus elevating its placement in the scheme of things. It is hung high, so the viewer must tilt their head to “look up”, to the pixel. The color blue was chosen to infinite possibilty. The white impasto background puts an emphasis on the paint, which has traditionally been a frequently used medium to represent historical figures and momentous happenings.
I love artist speak. It’s proof that most artists are wannabe marketroids.
Happy Birthday Pixel!

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  1. (unregistered) on July 7th, 2004 @ 10:05 am

    so do you love me, or hate me, dave?
    love, uab.

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