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Piracy Warning Messages In Movie Theaters

Just wanted to remind you…
The Instant Blitz Copy Fight Project is still running.
And we need you!
We – monochrom and comrade Cory Doctorow – would like to ask you to perform an act of civil disobedience. Please bring a digital camera next time you go to the movies, take a picture of the piracy-warning before the movie starts and use the flashlight. Don’t go for quality taking the picture, it’s secondary. Please jot down time, place and the title of the movie. And thanks!
The civil copyright disobedience count in Vienna is really good, if you look at the flash pictures!

Link / Instant Blitz Copy Fight Project

Bicycle Accidents

My first contributions are intended to be very personal. You might have found out already, I am not what Ian Dury once called in one of his songs a clever bastard. Hence, I’d like to write about my various bicycle accidents in Vienna. Here we go.
Bicycle Casualty # 1:
Time and date: Spring 1997, in the beginning of April, ~10:00 p.m.
Location: First district, Crossing Schottengasse – Dr. Karl Lueger Ring, heading Währinger Strasse (help yourself on the plan)
Circumstances: I was a student then and had drunken some Krügerl beer at the “Holunderstrauch” (which we used to call “Helene” for some reasons I don’t like to explain right now) with my comrades and wanted to drive home. To be more specific, I was on my way to my girlfriend.
What happened: In the moment of the crash I was hurrying to get over the junction in time. It is understandable I was a little bit late as signs were already going red. A car turning to one’s left hit me, “in the middle of the street”.
Involved besides me: The driver of the car that hit me, a man in his fifties. The licence number told me he was from Mödling. He wore thick eye glasses and was muttering “I’m so sorry” all the time. I immediately felt sympathy for him. His insurance agency paid me a good amount of money – the agent got kind of panic because the driver did not call the police at all (which could have had serious consequences for him). I was satisfied because I needed the money for a new bicycle anyway. (Not to mention that it was stolen within a week.) Oh, yes, my girlfriend was somehow involved, too.
Distance between me and my bicycle after the accident: About 5 metres. I rested on the hood; the bicycle lay on the ground quietly.
Consequences and resume: My leg hurt a lot, but it was not broken. My bicycle was kind of gone. Surprisingly, also my relationship was gone. Friends later told me it was not because of the accident. But somehow I do believe we could have worked it out if only I had made it to my girlfriend’s flat that evening. It doesn’t matter, she is a happy mother-in-relationship nowadays, and I am a happy single.
I have to emphasise that this was my first noteworthy accident on Viennese soil, I was a newby in this issue, therefore it was nothing extraordinary. I promise better stuff to come.

Sticker 005

(via Machfeld blog)

Vienna’s patron saint

Every city has its legends. People that represent & shape the mentality, social interaction styles and the city’s unique dialect. So if anyone wants to get into Vienna’s true core, there is only one way : “Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter” ( ~ a true viennese aint goin’ down )

This mid 70ies TV series about a typical viennese redneck family and their escapades. Karl Merkatz playing the uber-neurotic, fulltime-rant machine and walking swear-word encyclopaedia : Edmund “Mundl” Sackbauer.
We just L O V E him!
–> Mundl fansite … dont miss the sounds and videos section !

New series: the Vienna Riddle Rally / Part 01

Ladies and Gentlemen!
From time to time I’m going to post some tricky questions here. I’d like to invite you to take part in this semi-virtual riddle rally. Please write down the answers — and don’t reveal them in the comments forum!
After 20 questions I hope we’ll have a correct alphanumerical code — and a glorious winner. (Prizes! Prizes!)
Sorry to all the non-resident readers. I think it will be hard for you, but maybe someone from Vienna helps you cheating.
Vienna metbloggers are welcome to participate.

Question #1:

I’m sure you have noticed above posters in Vienna. (Look at the Winnetou guy! Ah!!) There is only one weekday the show starts at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Please write down the 5th letter of the day’s German name.

Question #2:

What’s the 2nd letter of the name of the artist group who created this public art work?

hitchhiking to the final destination

i have temporarily lost my will to live. until i am able to recover it, my posting frequency will be rather low. but now, for your enjoyment, here are some facts about suicide in vienna :
austria currently ranks 14th in the who’s global suicide statistics, and is a close second to belgium in western europe. vienna is number 3 in the world, after tokio and budapest. suicide is so big here that the austrian information service aeiou even has it’s own meta-category for it.
every year, about 1000 people in vienna commit suicide, two thirds of them are male, which is in line with the global trend (only china sees more female than male suicides.) famous austrians who killed themselves were cabaret artist egon fridell, writers stefan zweig, paul celan and jean améry, archduke rudolf, painter carl moll and scientist ludwig boltzmann.
before someone asks, no, i am not planning to “drah mi ham” (vienese for suicide), but i stumbled upon this vienna-related entry in a suicide blog. seems there are blogs for everything these days.

Urban Art 011

I’m not quite sure if little riot girl Samantha chose the right antagonist — 1.5 ton lady bird Maurice — in her struggle to crush patriarchy.

(Billboard in Faulmanngasse/next to Technical University main building)

Gastro 003: Curry Cocoa Soup

Dear consumers,
this is my third gastronomical recommendation.
The MQ “Kantine” is a nice little coffeeshop/restaurant where you are offered excellent food. (One of the reasons why we hold our Vienna metblog meetings at this place.)
One of my all time favourite dishes is the Curry Cocoa soup with soy beans and fried chicken. (They also offer a vegetarian version of the soup.)

That’s what I call urban survival!

party review: first contact.

abstract: sometimes, when all the 20somethings are either in bed or at places you don’t know, there’s always a place where the generation 50+ is still having fun and/or drinking. take a look, keep politics out of discussion and have fun :-)
und plötzlich hatten wir wieder mal das alte wohin-unter-der-woche-in-der-nacht problem. sowas führt dann auch immer zu irgendwelchen bizarren lösungen, aber der gestrige ansatz dürfte doch einer der absurdesten gewesen sein. irgendwann vor mitternacht in’s wuk und bald darauf wieder weg, richtung würstelstand hinter der markthalle. und was sieht man da: “cafe happy day”. irgendwie war ja längst ein besuch in einem urwiener beis’l fällig und alternativen gab’s auch nicht. also rein und an’s tresen. grosse blicke.
man kennt das ja, wenn leute doppelten alters plötzlich in durchgestylten, sich in u-bahn-bögen schmiegenden clubs auftauchen, aber der umgekehrte fall erregt bei weitem mehr aufsehen.
waren das vampire, die sich von unserer jugend nähren wollten? waren sie uns wohlgesonnen? ich weiss es nicht. man schätzte uns mal auf 18, mal auf 30, hängte uns tiroler staatsbürgerschaften an, beharrte darauf, dass wir keine tu-studenten sein könnten solange wir den kurti und den wen-auch-immer nicht kennen. man versprach uns töchter und nahm es gleich wieder zurück (das wäre bei längerer diskussion sicher zum auslöser einer zünftigen barschlägerei geworden). dazwischen wurde unverständliches gesagt, irr gekichert, auf schultern geklopft und bier spendiert (dank dem edlen spender, dessen namen wir glaub ich nie erfahren haben). aber wir waren für circa 2 stunden der absolute mittelpunkt des ladens – und: mehr aufmerksamkeit bekommt man normalerweise nur dort, wo das kleine bier 7 euro kostet und es eine eigene sauna gibt.
also: möglicherweise dient es ja nur zur allgemeinen erheiterung, aber wenn dem so ist, dann war es sicher beidseitig – schliesslich hatten alle spass und das ohne die geringste chance auf vernünftige kommunikation. und möglicherweise sollte man generationenkonfliktbedingt leute des eigenen alters aufsuchen und sich nicht in die quere kommen, aber wer einmal spätnachts lust auf ein letztes bier bekommt, dem sei das “happy day” wärmstens empfohlen.

Urban Art 010 (No sleep till Meidling / Update)

I completely forgot that I took a picture of this nice urban black marker art in Meidling (entrance to the subway station Meidlinger Hauptstraße).

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