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An introduction

Hi everyone,

This is Kay writing. I’m not new to Vienna (was raised in the suburb but have been studying, working and living here for.. quite a while now), but brand spanking new to Metblogs – at least as an author, not so much as a reader!

There are LOTS of things I’m interested, so I’ll just name a few important ones:
music (independent as well as popular music – sorry, I can’t dismiss “mainstream” entirely!), photography (my main hobby at the moment), film, music video, advertising, gender & queer topics, new media, net culture, all sorts of subcultures, the UK/British English et cetera et cetera. I’m pretty tech-savvy but not as (obviously!) present online as others (.. the whole Big Brother thing, you know..), also: I’m lacking some of the cool gadgets that’d properly make me part of the “scene” (I sure wish I had a MacBook, though!).

I guess – can’t say for sure yet, but I guess – I’ll mostly be posting about the “little things” that I come across here in Vienna. Things that affect or simply become part of our everyday lives – without us noticing or anyone else posting about them. :P

Well, I think that’s it for now!
Already looking forward to being an active part of Metroblogging Vienna!

Cheers everyone,

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