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Another book flea market at the Library Donaustadt

Another book flea market at the Library Donaustadt

Don’t pity yourself if you missed yesterday’s book flea market at the Main Library.

Maybe it is only me but, obviously, the people who stormed the event were hungrier like the pack of wolves browsing the books. They ripped off the unopened boxes like mad without returning the books back. A woman in front of me, serious-looking, white-haired, tore the openings of a huge carton. She was so disappointed when she discovered the contents inside, stood up and left immediately. They bumped with one another as if everyone didn’t exist. It was horrible, especially if you tag along an impatient child.

I can understand that the word “cheap” rings a bell. I am with you. With the current economic situation in Austria, everything you can get almost for free is a good deal. Just think about the first low-priced supermarket (Sozialsupermarkt) in the city.

As soon as the woman left the area, one library employee mumbled angrily putting the loads of books in order.

Compared to the others I only had a medium-sized rucksack. Almost everyone had a shopping luggage, Ikea blue bags, etc. Everything big. Plus plastic sacks.

It was okay but it would be nice if I could have spent more time to scan the books available at the hall. At least I have two books from Graham Greene (English-language), two Ephraim Kishon, two coffeetable books about Christianity and castles and three video tapes. Each one cost 1 euro. My son’s vid was even for free.

Anyway, if you are in the mood for another book flea market, the Donaustadt Library will hold for the first time its own, from 11 to 6 p.m. Located behind the Donauzentrum, one really cannot miss it.

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Keine Durchfahrt

Because it’s a big, fat wall, baby!

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umfallen? nicht mit mir.

Found @ Mariahilfer Straße, 13 September 2008.

See also..

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Trevor Paglen: state secrets, covert military bases, disappeared people

Trevor Paglen will give a lecture performance on Monday (8 PM) at Metalab (Rathausstraße 6). It’s part of the Paraflows festival.

Trevor Paglen is geographer and artist and he takes us on a road trip through the world of hidden budgets, state secrets, covert military bases, and disappeared people: through a landscape that military and intelligence insiders call the “black world.” Over the course of his talk, Paglen leads us from “non-existent” Air Force and CIA installations in the Nevada desert to secret prisons in Afghanistan and to a collection of even more obscure “black sites” startlingly close to home. Using hundreds of images he has produced and collected over the course of his work, Paglen shows how the black world’s internal contradictions give rise to a peculiar visual, aesthetic, and epistemological grammar with which to think about the contemporary moment.

More info:
Trevor Paglen’s homepage

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Tommy Schmidt’s "Kreuz am Rand" @ Metalab

Tommy Schmidt’s great project “Kreuz am Rand” (“Cross at the Roadside”) will be presented today 8 PM at Metalab (Rathausstraße 6), as part of the Paraflows talk series.

Jeder kennt die Unfallkreuze am Rande von Landstraßen und jeder kennt das Dilemma ihrer beiläufigen Wahrnehmung: Kaum hat man sie erfasst und sich gefragt, was da wohl passiert sei, ist man schon wieder ein paar hundert Meter weiter gefahren. So lautet die Botschaft des Kreuzes an den einzelnen Verkehrsteilnehmer “halt an, halt inne, gedenke!”
Andererseits lässt die Verkehrssituation genau das nicht zu.
Unfallkreuze befinden sich am Straßenrand und sie befinden sich am Rande der Wahrnehmung. Es sind Kreuze am Rand.
“Kreuz am Rand” macht Unfallkreuze als Symbole individueller Schicksalsereignisse in ihren Details sichtbar – mit ihren Blumen, Gedichten, Porträtfotos und Kuscheltieren.
Und zwar in Form einer interaktiven Straßenkarte (Google Maps) für Unfallkreuze:
Auf der Straße ist die Wahrnehmung des Verkehrsteilnehmers auf den Verkehr konzentriert, das “Kreuz am Rand” muss eine Randerscheinung bleiben. Im Internet aber richtet der User seine Aufmerksamkeit auf den dargestellten Inhalt.
Auf der Straßenkarte werden die Standorte von Unfallkreuzen markiert. Bei Berühren der Kreuze mit der Maus erscheint ein Fenster mit Angaben zum Kreuz, ein Foto des Kreuzes und ein Link auf eine Inhaltsseite, die weitere Fotos und Informationen, etc. zum Kreuz enthält: Unfallhergang, Gedichte, Charakterbeschreibung des/der Verunglückten, etc. Diese Inhalte werden von Angehörigen, Freunden, etc. bereit gestellt. Langfristig werden auch Fotos von “neuen“ Kreuzen, etc. von Usern angelegt (also nicht allein vom Künstler als Websitebetreiber). Schließlich wird eine Plattform auf der sich Betroffene untereinander austauschen. Die virtuellen Kreuze leisten hinsichtlich Verfügbarkeit und Informationsfülle potenziell mehr als die realen.


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Invader invading MQ

Don’t miss tonight’s opening of quartier21’s “Street Art Passage”!

It is pretty much impossible for you to not have come across mosaics done by French street artist “Invader” before, but now he got to – legally – artify an entire part of the MQ complex.

The small bridge between Breite Gasse and MuseumsQuartier is where Street Art Passage is located (this is the third themed passage initiated by quartier21, by the way – the other two are TONSPUR_passage and KABINETT comic passage). Next to the bridge, works by national and international street artists will be displayed from now on, and street art magazine “betonblumen” can be bought from a machine for €2.

Tonight, Invader will be signing the current edition of the magazine from 7-8 p.m.

MQ article

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Paraflows 2008

paraflows, the festival for digital art and cultures in Vienna, is progressing into the third round. By now, paraflows has been able to establish itself as a platform for the young, local scene of digital art and cultures, and this year it will expand on its position as an interface to already established international positions in media art.

With the title UTOPIA, this year’s festival is following up last year’s topic of UN_SPACE. Starting with the already explored ‘non-spaces’, this year will take a prognostic glimpse at the future. Fantastic, longing, and gloomy visions are the tenor of the exhibition, the symposium and of the supporting programme.

September 11th through October 24th 2008.


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blockieren? nicht mit mir.

Found @ Mariahilfer Straße, 2 September 2008.


mjam is a great new web service for Vienna. You want to order food? Asian? But you don’t know who is delivering? And if the restaurants are good? Well. Try out mjam. It’s worth it.


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Donauinselfest 2008

As you might know, Europe’s largest open-air festival, the Danube Island Festival, was moved from its traditional end-of-June spot to September because of Austria’s role as Euro 2008 co-host this year.

I almost forgot about this myself, but the festival is set to take place this weekend already (Fri 5 through Sun 7). Apparently, it’s the festival’s 25th birthday this year, and just like last year, 2.000 artists will be performing, providing festival goers with 600 hours of entertainment, all in all. (The traditional fireworks on Saturday got cancelled, however..)

For some reason, I, myself, haven’t been to Donauinselfest for a few years now, but I intend on going again this year. If you do, too, you will find the programme search on the festival’s official website helpful.

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Vegan awesomeness

Here goes a huge thanx to Mike from tupalo, whom I just met yesterday and who – being the impersonation of the vegan’s breaking news – briefed me on the latest hot vegan shit in Vienna; which again reminded me on a post I started weeks ago and simply forgot to upload here…

So here we go with a couple of spots that may fulfill your needs for vegan yumminess:

The Go Veg Diner, a place selling all vegan, healthy (they say) fast food – which totally reminds me of Yellow Sunshine in Berlin -, just opened its gates in 10th district, Favoritenstr. 156 (11am – 09pm, closed on Sundays).
Unfortunately, I haven’t made it there yet, but I believe it’s somewhat in the middle between Formosa, Rupps and Schillinger – and worth a visit for sure!

Now that we can finally have some summer feelings (can we? pleease? for more than three days in a row?), there IS a tremendous need for ice cream.
The Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, just a few steps ahead from U Schwedenplatz, has started a cooperation with VGT and now serves three different cups of vegan ice cream varieties, changing weekly.
Still, I’m possibly the biggest fan ever of Zanoni & Zanoni, Lugeck 7, who offer three kinds of delicious vegan ice cream (which they call lactose- and sugarfree, but in fact have been proven to be vegan by Charly Schillinger): jogurt – raspberry, vanilla jogurt – blueberry, and chocolate, if I recall right.

Also, WerkzeugH in 5th district, Schoenbrunnerstr. 61, is my new favorite place to hang out in the sun and have a delicious dirty soy chai latte – both way cheaper and way more luscious than Starbucks or the Coffeeshop Company, since they offer David Rio’s Chai selection there (unfortunately, the mouth-watering “Elephant Vanilla Chai” is not 100% vegan, but the still amazing “Tiger Spice Chai” is) -, and we therefore even moved our Sunday’s Team Dirty Chai over there! =)
Every Sunday, WerkzeugH offers a large breakfast buffet on a pay-as-you-wish basis, too (sort of like at Der Wiener Deewan – if you haven’t been there yet, go make sure to check out that place as well!); unfortunately, this is mostly non-vegan, but Manfred assured me they’re working on it.

And, last but not least: Mike showed me the most unbelievable and awesome thing ever: a pack of American Oreos he had just bought at the Coffeeshop Company at Thalia, Mariahilferstr. 99! I know they’ve been selling the european (as in: non-vegan…) Oreo cookies ever since, so seeing CC switching over to the vegan originals seems like heaven to me! Woohooo!

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Introducing The Hub


If Metblogs is a city, hub.metblogs is the playground. We kept hearing from people that one of their favorite parts of Metblogs was meeting and interacting with readers and writers from other parts of the world, as well as getting requests for more ways that readers could be involved besides just posting comments. We thought about this for a while and decided that with a network like this, a giant community area where folks from all over the world could hang out, post photos and videos, talk with each other, form groups, play games, send messages, and do about a million other things was probably a pretty fun idea. The Hub is that.

If you have any tech ideas or suggestions join this group and speak up. See you on hub.metblogs!

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People playing music on public transport

For a long time I thought it was only teenagers who force their environment to listen to whateverkindofmusicitistheylistento on public transport. I’ve meanwhile also come across adults who play (.. different, but equally annoying) loud music on their mobiles on buses and trams. The only difference I have noticed is that some of the latter will put their phones close to (one of) their ears for a “better” listening experience (.. which does not really make any difference for anyone else sitting close to them).


What do YOU do when people play loud music on public transport? – Do you react at all (i.e. ask them to turn the volume down/why they aren’t using headphones/whatever)? Or do you just sit there and wait for the moment you can get off your bus/tram/subway?

ImPulsTanz Opening Party

I was not at ImPulsTanz Festival’s opening party last year, but I attended the closing party, and ohhh, it was something different from the usual stuff, let me tell you. The crowd was very mixed, there were people from different countries, different age groups, many dancers, good music and lots of dancing going on – all in all a really nice party atmosphere.

ImPulsTanz Extras Poster

Today at 10 p.m. starts this year’s opening party, and just like last year, it once again takes place at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz (.. which is a really nice venue, just as a by the way!). So, if you don’t have anything better to do tonight and have €10 to spare, I’d recommend going there!

More info!

PS: I can also totally recommend ImPulsTanz’s Festival lounge at Burgtheater. The nice thing about that is that the entrance is free!

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Jane McGonigal’s "The Lost Sport of Olympia"

Awesome stuff.


The Ancient Greeks banned it, but we’re playing it anyway!

The Lost Sport of Olympia is a blindfolded labyrinth race, played in ancient times, and then mysteriously banned in 600 BC.

In 2008 AD, the rules of the lost sport have been rediscovered – and now, this summer, teams are training all over the world, from Tokyo to Buenos Aires, Paris to San Francisco, Sao Paulo to London, Singapore to Wellington, New Zealand. Each city hopes to master the game, and to become the world champions of the lost sport!

Now, for the first time in history, the game will be played in Vienna.

You don’t need to be athletic to be good at this game – but you do need courage, trust, collaboration, and the love of a good adventure!

You don’t have to know anything. You don’t have to bring anything. Just come, alone or with friends, and we’ll put you on a team as we try to set a new European record!

Link to more info:

WHEN: Saturday 5 July 2008, meet at 15:00, start playing at 15:30

WHERE: Meet on Stadtparksteg, the bridge in Stadtpark that crosses the Wienfluss

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